Software Update: RaidenFTPD 2.4 build 91

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FTP server RaidenFTPD has reached version 2.4 build 91. On the website of the makers you can read the following about the program:

RaidenFTPD is an FTP server that features remote account administration, multiple servers in one process, server scheduler, dupe checker, true virtual file system with file level security, user and group management, upload and download ratio system, and more. [break]The changelog looks like this:[break] Version 2.4 build 91

  • added: new GUI button for memory optimization
  • fixed: all spanish manual pages are revised and updated again , by DynData
  • fixed: ftp message out of sequence problem with SmartFTP (build 971) using utf8 mode
  • fixed: better code for handling IE6’s dir listing (no more ‘previous listing is still running’ error msg)
  • fixed: tray icon user count is always updated with the user count of the active server now.
  • changed: UTF8 support for IE6 is disabled until they really support it 100%
  • changed: if any ftp client wish to use UTF8 mode , it has to send ‘CLNT client_type’ command first to RaidenFTPD server to identify itself
  • Version 2.4 build 85
  • fixed: ghost connection if you close connection before sending out QUIT
  • fixed: ssl client type displaying bug (flashing between ssl client and raidentunnel ssl)

Version 2.4 build 81

  • fixed: YOUR SERVER IP is not found error msg was wrongly displayed
  • fixed: SSL connections are cut to quickly if the negotiation can’t be made within 1 second
  • fixed: SSL connections could be denied with an IP denied message in some cases
  • fixed: ghost connections with QUIT as last command in v2.4 build 77
  • fixed: tray icon LED light problem
  • fixed: sfv counter problem in v2.4 build 77
  • fixed: global speed limited doesn’t work properly in v2.4 build 77
  • fixed: possible ‘show nag screen for registered version’ problem[break] You can RaidenFTPD 2.4.91 here to download.

Version number 2.4 build 91
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website RaidenFTPD
file size


License type Shareware
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