Software update: Quake3 level with 4-layer texturing

Bee Beyond 3D A special Quake3 level has been released that uses 4-layer multitexturing. The level was created by ST Microelectronics to show what the Kyro (II) chip can do. The Kyro chip is the only one that can process 4 textures in one pass without any problems. The download consists of a level plus a demo with a batch file to run it:

What we have here is a map that features 4 layers of textures.

Such a map is possible with games being developed now (although we can’t be sure) and it provides for very impressive lighting and shadowing in textures. Imagine adding additional layers for bump/detail texture, specular, reflection map and layered fog/haze. That’s scrumpilicious (new word by Reverend!).

[…] Why hasn’t it been done before? Several reasons. First, most graphics cards are only capable of doing one or two textures in a single pass. Additional textures require multiple passes and thus offer a considerably negative impact on performance. Additionally, with a 16-bit image, multi-pass texturing can offer serious rendering issues such as banding (as can be noted on many cards in Quake III’s sky).

Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
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