Software Update: GeForce3 Tech Demos

Bee M3DZone a few tech demos from nVidia have been planted that should show what the GeForce3 has to offer. on movies were already available, but M3DZone now has the programs behind it. Some demos need a GeForce3 to run, some will work with recent drivers and a GeForce2 too:

I’ve just received something really cool. The GeForce3 Demos of which you can see videos on But we have the actual program. Go grab them here (beware: some of them are really huge and probably don’t work good or not at all on GF2 cards).

blobby dinosaur (1.3MB). Works without NV20Emulate
Bumpy Shiny Patch (4MB). Works with NV20Emulate
chameleon (48MB).
hair (1MB). Doesn’t work on my GeForce2 GTS.
inferno (17MB).
Zoltar (203MB).

Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website M3DZone