Software update: TVTool 5

On I saw that a new version of TVTool has recently been released. This tool is used to tweak the TV-out of nVidia chipset based cards with BT869 or BT868. Version 5 is here to obtain. Below is a list of adjustments / innovations (a more extensive description can be found here

  • PAL 768×576 mode
  • PAL 60 Mode
  • automatic sound adjustment for TV and monitor mode
  • automatic save and restore of desktop icon positions
  • toolbars for adjustment of the most important parameters of TV mode and resize option
  • automatic card type detection
  • automatic adjustment of the connection type
  • in resize mode all buttons with auto repeat function
  • automatic zoom of the resize window without changing the aspect ratio
  • complete revision of the graphics user interface
  • smooth move with right mouse button
  • runs under WinNT/2K without admin rights (besides the first installation)
  • unused functions and options are removed like autostart option and custom TV mode

Version number 5
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website TVTool