Software Update: Postbox 7.0.16

Version 7.0.16 of Postbox has been released. Postbox is an email client for Windows and macOS, which has its origins in Mozilla’s Thunderbird. It has extensive options, such as a common inbox for different email accounts, quick reply, signatures and opening mails in tabs. In addition, it has an extensive contact manager and many search options. From version 7.0, in addition to the lifetime license, an annual subscription can also be purchased. Since version 7.0.12, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in Postbox 7.0.16

  • Added Periodic Filter option that allows filters to run on all Inbox messages every 10 minutes
  • Enhanced the The Focus Pane’s Attrubutes contextual menu so that it will now stay open during selection
  • Removed white backgrounds from some Custom Signatures
  • Refreshed the Postbox application icon on macOS to better adhere to Catalina visual standards
  • Fixed a glitch that caused LDAP directory names to not display properly when selected
  • Fixed a crashing bug

Changes in Postbox 7.0.15

  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Changes in Postbox 7.0.14

  • Fixed several crashing bugs

Changes in Postbox 7.0.13

  • Support for macOS Catalina’s “Auto” appearance setting
  • The Favorites Bar now supports first-level sub-folders
  • Fixed an issue on Windows that caused April and November months to duplicate in the search bar date picker
  • Fixed a theme issue on Windows that prevented subject lines in Edit mode from displaying clearly

Changes in Postbox 7.0.12

  • For Windows users, we’ve added more fine-grained DPI controls in Tools menu > Options > General
  • For new installs, we changed the default Archive granularity from yearly folders to one folder
  • For new installs, we added the Theme button to the default toolbar set
  • Updated the Tracking Notification database with new services
  • Added better OAuth authorization resets when the password has changed on the server
  • Fixed a theme issue in the Address Book on Windows

Version number 7.0.16
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Postbox Inc.
License type Shareware