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Software update: Postbox 6.0.6


 Postbox logo (75 pix) Version 6.0.6 of Postbox has been released and an update with minor improvements has already been published. Postbox is an e-mail client for Windows and macOS, which originated in Mozilla’s Thunderbird. It has extended possibilities such as a common inbox for various e-mail accounts, quick reply, signatures and opening mails in tabs. In addition, it has an extensive contact manager and many search options. Since version 6.0.3 the following improvements have been made:

Changes in Postbox 6.0.6

  • Made quitting from Postbox faster
  • Removed duplicate checkbox for offline settings
  • Fixed offline folder status display
  • Fixed formatting for line breaks within quoted text
  • Fixed Preference for Global Conversation
  • Fixed an Issue
  • Fixed an Issue with Persistent Full Screen State of the Compose Window
  • Fixed an Issue with Reminder Flags in the rowbox

Changes in Postbox 6.0.5

  • Fixed a functional regression with the Focus Pane and Reminders View
  • Fixed quote bars incorrectly displaying in Summarize Mode replies
  • Fixed an issue that could cause message to duplicate when viewing messages in plain text
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Compose window to not recognize network connection state [19659011] Changes in Postbox 6.0.4
    • Fixed from the logic that drives the display in the main window
    • Fixed an issue that could occur Topic unread indicators from displaying in the Focus Pane
    • Fixed an issue that could cause corruptions to the Outbox
    • Fixed an issue with Stored Jobs / Smart Folders not migrating from older Postbox profiles
    • Fixed sigantures inserting before the quote
    • Fixed the Find and Replace button in the Find Bar
    • Fixed a few crashing bugs
    • Fixed some keyboard shortcuts


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