Software update: PC Accelerator 6000 SE 4.5

on Tweak files is a shareware program from Smartalec, with which you should be able to improve the performance of your PC, Internet and 3D games by means of more than 1,600 “tweaks”. The program is 3MB in size and can here and here be downloaded.

NB Given the problematic experiences that some report below, once again kicking in the open door that trying this program is entirely at your own risk. So maybe try it on your old box first, before you think to tweak your dedicated server or high-end workstation with it:

PC Accelerator is one of Smartalec’s products in their line of high quality performance enhancement products. By fine-tuning your PC hardware and software, as well as maximizing Windows performance, PC Accelerator can boost your overall PC/Internet/3DFX performance by up to 60%!!! This product is a must have for game fanatics hoping to squeeze the most out of their 3D games!

PC Accelerator 6000 makes dramatic changes and additional features to PCXL. For PCXL 6000, there are numerous

added many more tweaks, both internal and external.

up to 1600+ tweaks now

fixed some problems people are having

The registered version now has over 1600+ tweaks!

Limitations: Some options are disabled in the shareware version.

Version number 4.5 SE
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Tweak files