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Software update: Paint.NET 4.1.1

 Paint.NET logo (75 pix) Version 4.1.1 of Paint.NET has been released. This drawing and image editing program bridges the gap between the Windows supplied Paint and expensive but very extensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. Since version 4.0 the program performs a lot better, especially on multicoreprocessors, but has at least Windows 7 as a system requirement. Since version 4.0.18, the program is also offered via the Windows Store however a small fee is required for that version. Version 4.1.1 follows briefly on the “big” 4.1 edition and brings some minor improvements.


  • New: Ukranian translation
  • New: Norwegian translation
  • Fixed a bug in the IndirectUI color wheel control where it would be the right value for the alpha slider
  • Fixed a crash with the new Shapes that would happen because the resources file was not updated yet (probably due to a “you have to reboot. “
  • Improved: IndirectUI angle chooser control now supports the UpDownIncrement property

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