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Released version 0.4.0 of OpenRCT2, the open source version of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. The project tries to resemble the original as much as possible, but is written in a modern language which allows for extensions and improvements. It is similar to, for example, OpenTTD. In order to play it, it is necessary to have the original game, because it needs sound files and the images, among other things. Among other things, this release introduces a new file format used to save the game. This widens various limits, such as the size of the playing fields and the number of carts in the rides. The complete changelog for this release can be found below:

Headline feature:

  • [#10664] New save format with increased limits.


  • [#714] Allow up to 255 trains per ride.
  • [#2253] Path surfaces and railings can be mixed and matched, like in RCT1.
  • [#2766] The Fruity Ices Stall can now be recoloured, like in RCT1.
  • [#4933] Allow map sizes of 999 × 999 (up from 254 × 254).
  • [#7660] Custom music objects that are distributed with the save.
  • [#8407] Ride platforms can be made invisible.
  • [#12793] Add Excitement/Intensity/Nausea ratings to Ride List view with sorting.
  • [#13858] Flatride bases can be made invisible.
  • [#14676] [Plugin] Allow plugins to store data in .park files.
  • [#15367] Individual track elements can now be drawn as another ride type.
  • [#15901] [Plugin] Add ‘map.getAllEntitiesOnTile’ to API.
  • [#16029] [Plugin] Add ‘TrackElement.rideType’ to API.
  • [#16097] The Looping Roller Coaster can now draw all elements from the LIM Launched Roller Coaster.
  • [#16132, #16389] The Corkscrew, Twister and Vertical Drop Roller Coasters can now draw inline twists.
  • [#16144] [Plugin] Add ‘ImageManager’ to API.
  • [#16707] [Plugin] Implement intransient plugins.
  • [#16707] [Plugin] New API for current mode, ‘map.change’ hook and toolbox menu items on title screen.
  • [#16731] [Plugin] New API for fetching and manipulating a staff member’s patrol area.
  • [#16800] [Plugin] Add lift hill speed properties to API.
  • [#16806] Parkobj can load sprites from RCT image archives.
  • [#16831] Allow tertiary colors for small and large scenery objects.
  • [#16872] [Plugin] Add support for custom images.


  • [#3517] Cheats are now saved with the park.
  • † [#10150] Ride stations are now properly checked if they’re sheltered.
  • † [#10664, #16072] Visibility status can be modified directly in the Tile Inspector’s list.
  • † [#16251] Plugin API handles null values ​​better.
  • † [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: mark ‘callback’ argument of queryAction and executeAction as optional.
  • † [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: change ‘network.status’ to ‘network.mode’ in network API docs.
  • † [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: added previously undocumented ‘GroupBoxWidget.text’ property.
  • † [#16251] openrct2.d.ts: removed unused ‘LabelWidget.onChange’ property.
  • † [#16258] Increased image limit in the engine.
  • † [#16408] Improve ‘–version’ cli option to report more compatibility information.
  • † [#16740] Allow staff patrol areas to be defined with individual tiles rather than groups of 4×4.
  • † [#16764] [Plugin] Add hook ‘’, called before the map is saved.
  • † [#16925] The queue length of 1000 guests is lifted, and a warning for too long queues is added instead.
  • [#14484] Make the Heartline Twister coaster ratings a little bit less hateful.
  • [#16077] When importing SV6 files, the RCT1 country types are only added when they were actually used.
  • [#16424] Following an entity in the title sequence no longer toggles underground view when it’s underground.
  • [#16493] Boat Hire and Submarine Ride support costs now match their visual appearance.
  • [#16710] Changed default view of Guest List to ‘Thoughts’ and selected tab will default to ‘Summarized’ (when opened from the menu).
  • [#16859] Guests with umbrellas no longer always avoid going into a Maze.
  • [#16912] Tired or nauseated guests will no longer jump in a Maze.


  • [#6767] Black screen after Alt-Tabbing back into the game.
  • [#11752] Track pieces with fractional cost are too cheap to build.
  • [#12556] Allow game to run without audio devices.
  • [#12774] [Plugin] Scripts will not be re-initialized when a new scenario is loaded from within a running scenario.
  • [#13336] Can no longer place Bumble Bee track design (reverts #12707
  • [#14155] Map Generator sometimes places non-tree objects as trees.
  • [#14674] Recent Messages only shows first few notifications.
  • [#14920] Ghosts for rides and shops do not auto-elevate when obscured.
  • [#15413] Modifying park rating with plugins desyncs park rating history from actual park rating.
  • [#15571] Non-ASCII characters in scenario description get distorted while saving.
  • [#15830] Objects with RCT1 images are very glitchy if OpenRCT2 is not linked to an RCT1 install.
  • [#15909] Text can overflow in ‘Select ride design’ windows.
  • [#15947, #15960] Removing a flat ride results in an error message and duplicate structures.
  • [#15998] Cannot set map size to the actual maximum.
  • [#16007] Scenario Editor “Entry Price” appears to the right of the value field.
  • [#16008] Tile Inspector can select elements from last tile without reselecting it.
  • [#16024] Go-Karts with more than 32 vehicles do not color themselves correctly.
  • [#16026] Newly created rides with “Disable vehicle limits” cheat always get 32 ​​trains with 12 cars each.
  • [#16063] Object Selection preview for objects with glass is broken.
  • [#16075] Exporting track designs saves scenery in incorrect locations.
  • [#16087] The Looping Roller Coaster booster is now always drawn correctly.
  • [#16140] The ‘Follow this’ option is now disabled when the ride view is set to ‘overall’ or a station.
  • [#16162] Go Karts speeds are not correctly randomised, they only go very fast or very slow.
  • [#16188] Medium-size banked turns on the Twister and Vertical Roller Coaster have incorrect support placement (partly original bug).
  • [#16264, #16572] Placing saved track design crashes game.
  • [#16308] Crash when trying to place down a ride on Android.
  • [#16327] Crash on malformed network packet.
  • [#16449] [Plugin] Viewport doesn’t hide when switching tabs.
  • [#16450] Banner style not copied when using tile inspector.
  • [#16535] Entering construction mode unblocks all paths.
  • [#16542] “Same price throughout park” status not correctly imported for RCT1 saves.
  • [#16572] Crash when trying to place track designs.
  • [#16591] [Plugin] ‘setInterval’ and ‘setTimeout’ is not disposed when map unloads.
  • [#16711] [Plugin] ‘Car.rideObject’ overflowing with more than 256 ride types.
  • [#16779] Fix case where title music doesn’t mute properly.
  • [#16808] Incorrect track design serialization causing vehicle object replacement.
  • [#16869] Soft Toy Stall cannot be recoloured, but shows a recolouring option anyway (original bug).
  • [#16995] Native Linux dialog windows do not open if the path contains single quotes.
  • [objects#165] Glitch when Bengal Tiger Cars go through a corner.

Version number 0.4.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website OpenRCT2
file size


License type GPL
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