Software update: Getright 4.5 beta 5a

EraZor was the first to point out to us that another update has been released for the GetRight download manager. This is already the third update in 2 weeks, and we have already arrived at the beta 5a.

This version is now available in 3 flavors: the full version (here can be found), an update for if you are running version 4.5 beta 3, 4 or 5 (here down) and an update for if you’re running version 4.5 beta 1 or 2 (here to download). Below is a list of the most important updates since version 4.5 beta 4:

  • “Clear all history lists” doesn’t clear the new history stuff on the Download Status.
  • If FTP connection was re-used (so was good for awhile) but got disconnected, retry faster the first time.
  • Fix a crash and other problems with deleting blocks of history items.
  • Fix so can catch images again–Netscape only.
  • Added more hotkeys on download status and browser.
  • Added “week-of-the-year” %W% as another date item for Daily Downloads and others.
  • Fix so Download Status remembers sort column (for both Downloads and History).
  • Fixed “Find” button for SOCKS proxy to work a bit better (and give a better message if it doesn’t find anything).
  • Added another check/fix to try and avoid double-items in the Startup group.
  • Added so export/import things do size and priority too.
  • I think fixed the “double-shortcut” in Startup group one.
  • The ad company we were using in the latest versions (Conducent) is going out of business, so no more third party ad DLLs. And changed the default for “adware” vs “shareware” to “Shareware”.
  • Fixed in Beta 5a: Broke the “Folders” item on the Download Status so if it was selected, nothing showed (especially bad since that was the default!)
  • Version number 4.5 beta 5a
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
    Website getright