Download Nextcloud 23.0.0

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Version 23 of Nextcloud was released a few days ago. With Nextcloud it is possible to run cloud storage in-house. It originated as a fork of ownCloud after a large number of developers left there due to a conflict. All components, including the enterprise functionality, are offered as open source and the revenue model is similar to what Red Hat does, which is to provide paid support for large customers. Detailed information about this release can be found at this page are found, these are briefly the main improvements:

what’s new:

  • Nextcloud Files: profile page and automatic user status setting; delegate administration tasks; massive syncing performance improvements
  • Nextcloud Groupware: Appointment booking, room and resource search and Mail improvements
  • Nextcloud Talk: background blur, device check screen, user permissions and much more
  • Nextcloud Office: developed in collaboration with Collaborator Productivity
  • ️ One-click deployment: easy installation and update
  • Nextcloud Backup: a peer-to-peer backup solution designed for private users
  • Nextcloud Clients: updates available for Desktop, Android and iOS clients

Version number 23.0.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Nextcloud
License type GPL
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