Software Update: NewsLeecher 7.0 Beta 6

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The sixth beta release of NewsLeecher version 7.0 has become available. With this program it is possible to download files from newsgroups in a simple way. The program supports nzb fileshas a SuperSearch and can automatically check downloaded files for integrity and completeness, and then extract them independently.

Version 7.0 adds a new system for downloading or extracting to specific directories, supports automatic detection of par files that have been misnamed, and allows the creation of a filter to extract files in a specific language. to close. The changelog for beta 6 looks like this:

NewsLeecher 7.0 Beta 6

  • This release makes format changes to the NewsLeecher data files, so it is recommended to backup your NewsLeecher settings and data files before installing, in case you want to downgrade later on.
  • Note that this release does not check / fix renamed PAR2 set files as default. To enable the feature, see the “new feature” description just below.
  • Implemented toggle to turn on / off the Repair & Extract feature that checks PAR2 sets for renamed files. It can be toggled from : Settings -> Repair & Extract -> Fix Renamed PAR2 Files NOTE: PAR2 “rename checking / fixing” is NOT enabled as default, because it is a feature that is used only by a minority of the NewsLeecher user base and thus cause unnecessary extra load on the CPU while processing.
  • The NZB import destination folder tag “” can now also be applied to RAR extract folders, instead of only to download folders. The tag can be applied for NZB imports from : Settings -> NZB Files -> NZB Download … -> NZB Import …
  • Implemented function to force cleanup of Usenet group cache files, if wanted. Cleanup will remove expired data from the files. The function can be accessed by right clicking a subscribed group and select “Cleaning -> Cleanup Group Files” from the popup.
  • Added true / false switch to turn on / off usage of a user specified custom font in the listviews. The switch can be accessed from : Settings -> Adv. Tweaks -> Listview Font Overwrite
  • Implemented a function to completely reset the cached articles in all subscribed groups, in case they contain data corruption. The function can be accessed from : Toolbox -> Advanced -> Reset Usenet Group Caches
  • Much improved group cache compatibility checking. From this version and on, NewsLeecher is able to detect and prevent loading of incompatible cache files, causing corruption and bugs. Cached files originating from earlier versions of NewsLeecher can may still contain corrupt data though, so if you experiece article corruption bugs while browsing Usenet groups, try wiping the group cache and reload group articles, using this ( or a newer when available ) release of NewsLeecher .
  • Improved queue handling code to decrease the time it takes for NewsLeecher to detect whether or not a currently downloading RAR archive set is legit or should be marked as SPAM.
  • Further improved the Usenet group cache cleanup function so it doesn’t use any extra memory at all during cleanup. This is important when cleaning groups containing 250+ million article parts or “out of memory” exceptions might have occurred.
  • The top entry and the selected entry in a SuperSearch result set is now remembered when another result set is activated, and re-set again when the result set is re-activated.
  • Fixed bug introduced in one of the recent betas, where the posititon of the NewsLeecher window was sometimes reset after relaunch on multi-monitor systems.
  • Listview selection rectangle colors changed to differ from drag’n’drop selection colors.
  • Smaller improvements here and there. ( The speed graph on the tray icon looks a bit better now, improvements to installer, etc. )
  • Fixed bug introduced in the previous beta release, where the cache in specific Usenet groups would sometimes corrupt when updating headers, while one or more subject/poster ignore filters were in use.
  • Fixed bug where the “Please Wait” dialog would sometimes hang after checking PAR2 sets for renamed files.
  • Fixed “Please Wait” dialog, so it doesn’t popup up in front of windows not associated with NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug where the destination folder “” tag was forgotten for queued articles after restarting NewsLeecher.
  • Fixed bug “14t11o05n” that was triggered when browsing groups containing articles with empty subject lines :
  • Fixed bug triggered by Repair & Extract handling zero-filled PAR2 files.

Version number 7.0 beta 6
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website NewsLeecher
File size


License type Shareware
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