Software Update: NanoBlogger 3.3 RC1

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As the name of the NanoBlogger program suggests, this is a compact program for creating weblogs. It is developed in Bash and uses standard Unix tools, such as cat, grep, and sed. The on-line manual, in which much more information about this program can be found, can be found at this page be read after. The developer has released the first release candidate of version 3.3 with the following changes

NanoBlogger 3.3 RC1 Released! This release was made possible in part thanks to the various contributions made by others (you know who you are). Thanks and enjoy! 🙂


  • Split main script into smaller files
  • Introducing text formatting plugins
  • Draft support
  • Next and previous links in archives
  • Manipulate date of entries
  • Preliminary support for different languages
  • Optional interactive mode (classic behavior)
  • Standard metafile structure for import and export
  • New command-line options
  • Better interchangeability of command line options
  • Numerous bug fixes

Version number 3.3 RC1
Operating systems Linux, BSD
Website NanoBlogger
File size


License type GPL
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