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 Mp3tag logo (75 pix) Florian Heidenreich has released version 2.88 of Mp3tag. With this program the meta tags of the most common music formats can be adapted. Support is provided for ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, mp4, wma, Vorbis-comments and Ape tags. Furthermore, the filenames can be adjusted on the basis of these tags and playlists can be generated. The following changes and improvements have been made in this publication:


  • Added support for more than 2GB addressable memory on 64-bit systems (/ LARGEADDRESSAWARE) .
  • Added fields% _cover_width% and% _cover_height% for width and height or first embedded cover art. (# 41243)


  • Improved status messages and cancelation behavior at library cleanup.
  • Improved performance when reading files via Ctrl + T or ‘File> Read tag’.
  • Changed database that is used for local freedb index.
  • Importing tags via Discogs tag source now lists all formats and the catalog number of the release.
  • Added limit to column width of tag sources results list
  • Removed default values ​​configuration.
  • Improved detection of clipboard contents relevant for drop operations. (# 41579)
  • Improved Tag Panel layout when displayed horizontally. (# 40873)
  • Tag Panel, Filter and file list now use default font. (# 18410, # 41381)
  • Importing tags through Discogs tag source supports track numbers and disc numbers from Discogs. (# 19744)
  • Removed splash screen


  • Occasional runtime error when setting sort
  • Internal window snap interferred with Aero snap in case the Windows option ‘Show window contents while dragging ‘was disabled. (# 15305)
  • Copy freedb disc ID option used malformed ID if starting with 0. (# 12674, # 17783)
  • MP4 fields PODCAST, ITUNESGAPLESS and ITUNESHDVIDEO were not displayed if set to 0. (# 18017) [19659004] Quick Launch installer option now correctly pins Mp3tag to taskbar also on Windows 7 and above. (# 19472)
  • Rename or edit in file list via delayed double-click was triggered even if file lost focus in the meantime. (# 13729, # 41750)
  • Occasional runtime error when renaming files. (# 41737)
  • Library cleanup did not block the file list. (# 41696)
  • Some operations where still enabled when building local freedb index database. (# 41691)
  • Export dialog has lost focus after duplicating or deleting export configurations.
  • Action group select dialogs solves focus after duplicating or deleting actions. (# 16063)
  • Action group edit dialog resolves focus after duplicating or deleting actions. (# 16063)
  • Context helper menus were occasionally displayed on the screen in multi-monitor setups
  • Interacting with the file while reading files had unintended effects.
  • Occasional runtime error when dropping files during file writing operations . (# 41634)
  • Statistics of files total were not updated in all cases. (# 41604)
  • Occasional runtime error when aborting file reading operations.
  • Drop operation had no effect work with some applications. (# 41567)
  • Tag sources framework function ‘json_select_many’ did not convert UTF-8 encoded data correctly. (# 18955)
  • Tag sources framework functions ‘json_foreach’ did work correctly when nested. (# 18956)
  • Auto-removing special characters that are not supported by MusicBrainz search. (# 41350)
  • Memory corruption for format strings that end with a starting%. (# 41348)
  • Runtime error when adding zero-size cover art (since v2.86).
  • LAME encoder version had invalid trailing character in some cases. (# 41241)

Languages ​​updated:

  • Bulgarian
  • Corsican
  • Czech
  • Turkish



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