Software Update: Mozilla Thunderbird 102.0

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The Mozilla Foundation has released version 102.0 of Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an open source client for e-mail and newsgroups, with features such as support for various mail and news accounts, a spam filter, spell checker, and a customizable appearance. In version 102 Among other things, the user interface and the address book have been refreshed, the import and export of user accounts has been made easier and the chat protocol Matrix has been added. The complete and long list of changes and improvements in version 102 can be found below.

What’s New

  • Thunderbird will now display a message when an upgrade migration task is taking a long time to complete
  • es-MX localized build now available
  • What’s new link displayed in About: dialog
  • Profile Import/Export UI refreshed and moved to a tab
  • Commandline tools now included for OpenPGP debugging
  • Thunderbird may now be built with OpenPGP support and a system librnp
  • Added menu option to permanently decrypt OpenPGP encrypted messages to a folder
  • OpenPGP: Public keys from email attachments and autocrypt headers now cached for future use
  • Expired OpenPGP recipient keys now indicated in compose window
  • OpenPGP Key Assistant enabled by default
  • OpenPGP Key Properties now supports refreshing keys from key server
  • Spaces vertical toolbar for easier in-app navigation
  • Compose toolbar button for OpenPGP & S/MIME signing available via “Customize Toolbar”
  • “Select all addresses” now supported from composer pill context menu
  • Multiple active spelling dictionaries now supported in compose window
  • Add dictionaries item added to Spelling button in compose window
  • Added config option to more aggressively warn sender about having many public recipients to an email (mail.compose.warn_public_recipients.aggressive)
  • Exporting current profile now supported on importing tab
  • Back/Forward keyboard shortcuts added to Addon Manager
  • New Address Book UI and significant backend overhaul
  • Importing sqlite address books now supported
  • Importing addressbooks via CSV file now supports semi-colon (;) delimited files
  • Opening a news:// URL now works if an account is not configured for that news server
  • Google Talk chat accounts now support logging in with OAuth2
  • Matrix chat support enabled by default. This is a beta feature.
  • Printing using the system dialog without preview now supported; Set print.prefer_system_dialog to true
  • Removing events from a calendar now prompts for confirmation
  • Upcoming events in the Today Pane show how far away they are
  • Icons now displayed on recurring events and modified events within a recurring series


  • SMTP client will now ignore socket errors after QUIT command is sen
  • Javascript POP implementation enabled by default
  • Buttons on “Update Failed” popup now open Beta and Release specific pages on Thunderbird website
  • Replace “About Junk Mail” dialog with a link to the support page
  • [macOS] Account settings moved to application menu
  • New profiles will default to using “Threaded” message view
  • “Discover OpenPGP Key” context menu item is no longer displayed when a key is already available
  • Duplicated OpenPGP encrypted attachments were shown when display-attachments-inline was enabled
  • Replaced Security compose toolbar button with Encryption toggle and Encryption options buttons
  • OpenPGP dialog for key “acceptance per email” now displayed in more circumstances
  • OpenPGP Key Manager dialog layout improvements
  • Writing OpenPGP keyring data will block Thunderbird shutdown to prevent data loss
  • When automatically attaching OpenPGP keys to emails, Thunderbird will strip key certificates
  • A notification bar in the compose window will be displayed if encryption is possible but not enabled
  • Inline attachment filenames now sent without data-uri encoding
  • Per-recipient and per-domain email format preferences removed; Sending options moved to Compose Settings
  • Thunderbird can now be used without setting up a mail account
  • NNTP account set up moved to its own wizard; “Other accounts” wizard removed
  • Account Manager UI updated
  • Email account provisioner moved to a tab
  • Link to create a new email address in Account Setup now hidden if “Email address” contains a value
  • Addon Search will no longer display addons that are incompatible
  • Searching from the Themes page of Addon Manager will now limit search results to only include themes
  • Additional fields for download limits, expiration, and password protection added to FileLink template
  • FileLink will check the provider for sufficient space before uploading
  • “PreferMailFormat” property removed from addressbook
  • Address book contact data is now stored in the vCard format. The change isn’t backwards compatible; backups are stored in the profile directory.
  • Default install directory for Thunderbird Beta changed to not conflict with release versions
  • Tab icons updated
  • Message Header toolbar buttons will not display a border when set to show icons only
  • New message detection for non-INBOX IMAP folders improved
  • New Javascript NNTP implementation enabled by default; Set mailnews.nntp.jsmodule to false to disable
  • Preference for OTR encrypted conversation logging moved to Protocol settings
  • Thunderbird will not try to use OTR Chat encryption if the protocol supports native encryption
  • Invitations to IRC and XMPP chat rooms will now prompt the user if they would like to join
  • Today Pane UI refreshed
  • Thunderbird will not support “Secondly” or “Minutely” recurring calendar events
  • Default action of Edit button in recurring event dialog changed to display submenu
  • Support for importing and exporting calendars from Outlook CSV format was removed
  • Thunderbird will now delay refreshing cached calendars at start-up
  • Javascript Ical parser (ical.js) enabled by default


  • Opening “cid:” links failed
  • Message download progress was calculated incorrectly
  • Ctrl+mouse wheel did not zoom in the message source window
  • Open message in containing folder did not work for standalone windows
  • Multi-message view was not fully scrollable
  • Messages did not reload in all open windows after Junk status was changed
  • Detached attachments were opened from a temporary copy instead of the selected save location
  • IMAP folder subscription changes on servers using OAuth2 authentication were not reflected in folder pane until Thunderbird was restarted
  • Improved error reporting for external GnuPG configurations
  • Incorrect OpenPGP preferences were used for secondary identities
  • Adding an expiry date to an OpenPGP key that did not have one was not possible
  • UI showed old OpenPGP key expiry date after changing it
  • Importing large OpenPGP key files failed
  • OpenPGP “Repair Message” button did not work with some emails
  • Importing OpenPGP public keys without a blank line following the header failed
  • Dragging and dropping multiple email attachments between windows did not always copy all attachments
  • Attachment bar in message compose window was not keyboard accessible
  • Triggering recipient pill creation in the compose window incorrectly used the entire field as input
  • Compose notification bars were not easily accessible via keyboard
  • “Save message” confirmation dialog buttons were not navigable using arrow keys
  • Focus jumped in compose window when closing the contacts sidebar
  • Save dialog was incorrectly shown when closing empty composer windows
  • Incorrect access key used for File->New->Message menu item
  • Changing focus in the compose window with multiple recipient pills selected did not always deselect the pills
  • Sending a message with non-ascii characters in recipient local parts failed unexpectedly when the server did not support SMTPUTF8
  • LDAP Autoconfig could block Thunderbird startup
  • Improvements to the Import/Export feature
  • Configuring multiple SMTP accounts using the same server was not possible
  • Empty Trash on Exit did not work with IMAP accounts using OAuth2 authentication
  • IMAP server hostname changes were not reflected in Folder Properties dialog
  • Addons automatically updated when Thunderbird updated despite Addon updates being turned off
  • Message size calculations incorrectly included FileLink attachments
  • After converting a FileLink attachment back to an e-mail attachment, the privacy notification persisted
  • A failed FileLink provider change removed the attachment completely
  • Subscribing to CardDAV address books from Account Setup tab did not subscribe to all selected address books
  • Adding CardDAV address books failed if an addon-provided address book was present
  • Messages with Message-Id headers longer than 332 characters could not be forwarded
  • SMTP send progress bar could trigger high CPU usage when the server connection failed
  • Improved POP server authentication detection during Account Setup
  • News folders did not display biff indicator
  • IMAP flag changes from another client were not seen after some inactivity
  • Recipients were not de-duplicated before sending, leading to sending errors
  • Chat conversations’ context menu did not recognize links
  • Chat username splitting in the account wizard did not work after changing protocols
  • Removing obsolete proprietary chat accounts did not work
  • OTR encrypted chat did not work on FreeBSD
  • Event edit toolbar button was not disabled when an invitation was selected
  • Event view headers and content were not lined up consistently for RTL locales
  • Mini-month views did not properly update at midnight
  • Some labels in Calendar were displayed in multiple languages
  • Thunderbird permitted inline editing of read-only event titles
  • Calendar view reloaded when switching tabs
  • It was possible to create annual calendar events with invalid days
  • Detection of attached vCalendar files improved
  • Reminders for events created by another user could not be closed
  • MS Teams meeting event descriptions were unreadable when stored on Google Calendar
  • Adding a Google calendar with a non-gmail or googlemail e-mail address failed
  • Accepting a recurrence exception to an event accepted event associated with the original recurring event rather than the exception
  • Various security fixes

Version number 102.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Mozilla Foundation
file size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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