Software Update: MorphXT 7.6

The eDonkey network can be used, among other things, to exchange files. In addition to the original client, eDonkey2000, an open source client with the catchy name eMule was also developed. Since some people some functions they have developed MorphXT as a mod on eMule. The developers have released version 7.5 of MorphXT which is based on eMule 0.46c with the following note:

Ok we decided to release an ultimate release based on the 0.46c official emule version. The main thing to know is that we finally succeeded to make the Upload Splitting Class (USC) to work as we expected and made serveral minor fix. As you will notice in the change log, we have two new members (Stulle & leuk_he) that will help us to make the project survive a bit more.

Have a nice day.


  • FIXED : (minor) icon arround webcache proxyclient in downloadclientctrl [SiRoB]
  • FIXED : (minor) sorting item around downloadclientctrl (by XMan) [SiRoB]
  • FIXED : (minor) WC: Avoid xml setting autoupdating when webcache is disable [SiRoB]
  • FIXED : (minor) display of score ratio in icon for lovelace and Pawcio CS [Stulle]
  • FIXED : (minor) USC: High class limiter (FS, PS or PBF) are respected [SiRoB]
  • FIXED : (minor) Load hot key for invisible mode correctly from preferences[leuk_he]
  • FIXED : (minor) no server busy switch to message on a busy pc during windows startup[leuk_he]
  • FIXED : Prevent forgetting identical named .met files in different tempdirs[leuk_he]
  • FIXED : (minor) Static servers do not need a static priority. [leuk_he]
  • FIXED : (minor) Fix log scrollbar redraw [SiRoB]
  • ADDED : Display BusyRatio in uploading list [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: PowerShare limit have been limited to 5 virtual sources [SiRoB]
  • CHANGED: UploadBandWidthThrottler: Limiting send buffer to DoubleSendSize to avoid createnextblockpackage to be blocked too much time [SiRoB]
  • TWEAKED: USC: hope this will take into account much possible case to avoid not filled bandwidth [SiRoB]

The developers quickly released version 7.6 that fixes an issue with the unlimited higher class setting. The new list of changes shows us the following:[/break]FIXED : (minor) USC open slot with unlimited data rate class [SiRoB]

Version number 7.6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website MorphXT
License type GPL