Software Update: MicroSE NoteIt!

The developer of MicroSE has released a new version of NoteIt! released with as version number. With this program you can paste virtual post-its on your screen. You can of course adjust the background color and the font used. The corresponding list of changes looks like this:


This update is mainly a bug fix. But there is also a great new feature: importing txt files. This works via drag/drop, open-window and the note browser. Furthermore, the active Windows user is now the author by default. You can still change the author in the Settings window.


The biggest update to this program, ever. All Assemblies are now Strong Named, plugins that are not Strong Named will no longer work.

  • [veranderd] Plugins can only be started automatically if they implement IAutostartable.
  • [veranderd] All MicroSE FlatButtons / SplitButtons have been replaced by the new MicroSE StyleButtons (.MSE
  • [veranderd] Main window now has a minimum size, so that the display is always optimal.
  • [veranderd] “MicroSE NoteIt! – Advanced Editing” to “Advanced Editing – MicroSE NoteIt!”, now conforming to the rest of the application.
  • [veranderd] Toolbar layout modified.
  • [nieuw] Recycle Bin where the deleted notes go. (It is automatically emptied when you exit the program and empty notes are immediately completely erased.)
  • [nieuw] The ability to save the author.
  • [nieuw] “Make your own” to save notes WITHOUT an author under your own name. (Right click menu in main window)
  • [nieuw] Drag from the Note explorer.
  • [nieuw] Change text color shortcut (alt+t)
  • [nieuw] Bold/Italic keyboard shortcuts now also work in the regular Notes screen.
  • [nieuw] Menu item (File > Hide) with hotkey ctrl+h (main window) to hide the main window.
  • [update] New version MicroSE.MLI (MicroSE Framework)
  • [bug-fix] Empty notes can no longer be exported by dragging.
  • [bug-fix] Empty notes can no longer be saved with Ctrl+S.
  • [bug-fix] No registry access for the USB version.
  • [bug-fix] Fixed bug in the “automatic startup” of the application.
  • [bug-fix] Shortcut “background color” fixed in advanced editing.
  • [verder] Code optimization in all parts. (Things you don’t see ;))
  • [verder] Cleared unused credentials.
  • [verder] Operation & icon “Show note field” changed.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Tweak Blogs – MicroSE
File size 547.00KB
License type Freeware