Software Update: Memtest86+ 1.00

Memtest86 is the best known programs to test the memory of the computer to test on errors. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t posted an update since May 2002, causing some people felt compelled to tackle the source of Memtest86 3.0 and bake their own version. After internal beta testing, the folks at Memtest86+ have released the first public release released† This is stamped as 1.00 and is available from here be downloaded in different flavors. The changelog leaves the following changes:

Enhancement in v1.0

  • Lots of bug fixes, works now with all AMD64.
  • Added detection for Athlon 64 / Opteron
  • Added detection for latest Athlon XP (including Barton)
  • Added detection for latest Pentium 4 (including Prescott)
  • Added detection for SiS735/740/745/748/755/645/655
  • Added detection for ATi Radeon 9100 IGP (RS300)
  • Added detection for nVidia nForce/nForce2(400/Ultra)/nForce3/nForce3-S
  • Added detection for VIA KT266(A)/333/KT400(A)/KT600/PT800/PT880/K8T800
  • Added detection for i865P/PE/G/i875P/E7500/E7501/E7205
  • ECC initialization & ECC polling added for all AMD64 CPUs
  • ECC initialization & ECC polling added for i875P and E7501 & E7205
  • Added complete advanced settings detection for i875P, AMD64 and nForce2.
  • Added partial advanced settings detection for KT266(A)/KT333.
  • Corrected ECC Error not counted as a global error anymore.
  • Added a “safe-mode” (press F1 when memtest86+ loading) in case of freeze.
  • Source code now compatible with gcc 3

Version number 1.00
Website Memtest86+
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License type GPL