Software Update: MDaemon 11.0.2

Alt-N Technologies has released version 11.0.2 of MDaemon. MDaemon is a mail server for the Windows platform, with built-in antivirus and antispam capabilities. In addition, calendars and address and task lists can be shared, and senders can be validated using DomainKeys or Sender ID. An overview of all possibilities is on this page to find. New in version 11 is, among other things, the possibility of push mail for BlackBerry devices and support for Funambol version 8.0 has been added, which makes synchronizing data easier. Since version 11.0.0, the following changes and improvements have been made to the program:

MDaemon 11.0.2


  • [5381] The Domain Sharing option “Incoming Minger queries trigger Domain Sharing lookups” has been reset and is now disabled by default. This option has caused some confusion in the field by being enabled by default. Use of this option causes incoming Minger queries to return TRUE if another sister-node on the Domain Sharing network states that it will accept the message (even though that sister-node might not have the actual local mailbox). Do not enable this option unless that functionality is desired.
  • [5305] The “Mail Archive” public folder structure design causes the UI and servers to freeze sometimes when a user account is deleted using the UI. This has been temporarily addressed by no longer updating ACL lists for the “Mail Archive” folder structure to remove the deleted user. This is not the ultimate fix but it does solve the issue and should not present any operational problems.
  • [5336] Header translation feature will now allow case translations like “ =”
  • [5346] Changed default socket send buffer size to 32k. This is up from the typical Windows OS default value of 8k. This may improve transmission speed slightly and may help with problematic deliveries (depends on network pipe, MTU, etc). If you would like to continue to use the OS default edit the following key in MDaemon.ini: [Special] SendBufferSize=0 (zero means use whatever the Windows OS default happens to be at the moment).
  • [5382] makes sure that the DNS_FROM_OPENWHOIS rule is scored at 0 to disable it.


  • [5173] fix to WorldClient not importing email addresses correctly for contacts
  • [5318] fix to spam/ham learning messages forwarded from Outlook not always being properly recognized
  • [5330] fix to SMTP connection failure cache being applied to non-SMTP sessions leading to MultiPOP log file growing extremely large
  • [5341] fix to illegal chars allowed in list name parameter for various list related commands
  • [5342] fix to contacts are not correctly imported from CSV file, contact field values ​​contain entire line from CSV file
  • [5353] fix to no reminders are sent for calendar events created in a public folder. If the reminder option is enabled, a reminder should be sent to the creator of the event.
  • [5397] fix to WebAdmin changes to an account’s mailbox path are not saved
  • [5398] fix to Funambol SyncML for BlackBerry version 8.5.2 throws exception if HTTP auto-update request returns 404 response
  • [5400] fix to contacts which contain &,,’,” characters are not properly synchronized by the Funambol BlackBerry SyncML client
  • [4985] fix to ComAgent not moving to a visible area of ​​the screen after switching monitors or resolution
  • [5234] fix to reminders of recurring appointments may have the date of the next occurrence

MDaemon 11.0.1


  • [5107] WorldClient will display a default set of message list columns if it’s configured to display none
  • [5093] WorldClient removes duplicates from the auto-complete results
  • [5108] MDaemon will create ACLs for the Bayesian spam and non-spam folders on startup if ACL data does not already exist
  • [5175] The LIST email command has returned. Syntax is “LIST”. If is not provided a summary of all lists is returned. If is provided then this may give greater access to list data. Do not use characters when specifying LIST parameters. Example: “LIST” or “LIST” or “LIST LstPw”
  • [5228] AttachmentLinking.dat will be policed ​​nightly and references to files which no longer exist on disk will be removed from this file.
  • [5229] Attachment Linking will no longer extract attachments which fail to provide a filename in the MIME headers. This is to prevent extraction of these attachments into made-up filenames ending with “.ATT” which often can not be opened. This new behavior is enabled by default. To disable and retain previous behavior edit MDaemon.ini [AttachmentLinking] SkipWhenFileNameMissing=No (default Yes). Next version will expose a checkbox for this in the UI.
  • [5230] Attachment Linking will ignore WINMAIL.DAT by default allowing these attachments to pass through. This new behavior is enabled by default. To disable and retain previous behavior edit MDaemon.ini [AttachmentLinking] SkipWinmailDat=No (default Yes).


  • [5153] fix to WebAdmin users are unable to see/subscribe to mailing lists using “My Mailing Lists”
  • [5165] fix to list messages not routing properly in some cases. Note that the “Enable smarter message routing” feature does not work with list messages because list mail has it’s own routing capabilities.
  • [5193] fix to WorldClient port change not updating BIS port for all domain configurations
  • [5091] fix to WorldClient’s Simple theme re-enabling autoresponders
  • [5158] fix to WorldClient’s Mobile theme using ‘Home’ in a different context than other places within WorldClient
  • [5216] fix to SyncML when using the Funambol client, the start date for all day events added from the server is one day after the correct date. This only occurs if the user’s timezone has a positive GMT offset.
  • [5219] fix to TASKREMIND.DAT/CALREMINDER.DAT being created with extra ” char. You will need to delete existing files and let startup recreate new ones (problem is purely cosmetic).
  • [5140] fix to WorldClient meeting acceptance responses show wrong information
  • [5113] fix to Chinese, Japanese, Russian, MDUpdater does not display characters correctly
  • [5156] fix to SyncML logging is treated different when using maximum log file size option
  • [5073] fix to RestartCF.sem may leave CFEngine.exe not running
  • [5076] fix to installers missing MDHelpApp.exe and MDSendAppMsg.exe
  • [5075] fix to possible MD crash parsing malformed messages
  • [5082] fix to WorldClient LookOut themes Options | Filters page fails to load in French
  • [5090] fix to AbortOnRcpt5xx setting getting set to false on restarts
  • [5101] fix to smarter message routing feature not handling local mail properly in some cases
  • [5131] fix to Quota option “Include all INBOX sub-folders” not in sync between WebAdmin and MDaemon
  • [5144] fix to WebAdmin error when editing web options for a user account
  • [5163] fix to possible crash when downloading BIS server IP list from Alt-N H/Q
  • [5154] fix to 100% CPU when processing certain malformed emails
  • [5137] fix to attachment linking not working for secondary domains
  • [5170] fix to WebAdmin, Domain | Aliases view contains no results
  • [5194] fix to MDaemon’s account editor truncates long dynamic authentication domain names
  • [5257] fix to CA splash screen graphic not properly centered
  • [5081] fix to possible WorldClient crash if a malformed SyncML message is received
  • [5272] fix to SyncML item may be duplicated if comments/notes field contains a new line character

MDaemon 11.0.0 screenshot, click on the image for a larger version.

Version number 11.0.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
License type Shareware