Camera apps phones Nokia, Xiaomi and OnePlus get Google Lens integration

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The camera apps on phones from Nokia, LG, TCL, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Motorola will get integration with Google Lens in the coming weeks. This allows users of these phones to use the image recognition service of the search giant.

It is unknown which models will receive precise support for Lens. Google mentioned the G7 ThinQ from LG during the keynote of Google I / O, but did not come up with a list of supported models. Lens will appear in camera apps next week, Google reports.
In addition, Lens will get some new features. According to Google Lens will be able to make text in the camera image selectable, so that users can look up what it means. Lens can now also display objects that resemble the object in the camera image. In addition, Lens works real-time in the new version. Google announced Lens last year at its developer conference I / O, but the function was so far on few devices.

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