Software Update: Linux Kernel 5.2.2 / 5.1.19 / 4.19.60 / 4.14.134 / 4.9.186 / 4.4.186 / 3.16.71

Greg Kroah-Hartman and Ben Hutchings have released Linux Kernel 5.2.2, 5.1.19, 4.19.60, 4.14.134, 4.9.186, 4.4.186, and 3.16.71. The Kernel is the heart of the operating system and, simply put, it sits as a layer between the hardware and the applications. A summary of the changes in version 5.2 can be found at Phoronix and KernelNewbies find it. As usual, the changelogs are not available in a concise form and the announcement of each release contains no more than “I’m announcing the release of the xxx kernel. All users of the xx kernel series must upgrade.” That is why we link below per version to the extensive changelog.


Version number 5.2.2 / 5.1.19 / 4.19.60
Release status stable
Operating systems Linux
Website Linux Kernel Archive
License type GPL