Software Update: Linux Kernel 2.4.31

Linux Kernel 2.4.31 has been released to the general public by Marcelo Tosatti and, as usual, contains a whole bunch of tweaks and improvements. The full included changelog looks like this:

2.4.31-rc2 was released as 2.4.31 with no changes.

Summary of changes from v2.4.31-rc1 to v2.4.31-rc2

  • Marcelo Tosatti:
    • Change VERSION to 2.4.31-rc2
  • Willy Tarreau:
    • off-by-one in mtrr.c found by Brad Spengler and reported by Julien Tinnes
    • IPVS: Replace several unchecked strcpy() with strncpy() (PaX team)

Summary of changes from v2.4.31-pre2 to v2.4.31-rc1

    • Fix bug in VIA 82C586B PCI IRQ routing
    • Off-by-one in loop.c
    • JFS oops fix
    • random pool size sysctl fix
    • fix compilation error introduced by moxa correction
  • Christoph Hellwig:
    • XFS: fix compilation error
  • David S Miller:
    • Add basic bcm5752 support
    • Add bcm5752 to tg3_pci_tbl
    • Add bcm5752 entry to pci_ids.h
    • use TG3_FLG2_5705_PLUS instead of multi-way if’s
    • define TG3_FLG2_5750_PLUS flag
    • use new TG3_FLG2_5750_PLUS flag
    • more use of TG3_FLG2_5705_PLUS flag
    • use TG3_FLG2_57″ rel=”external”>05.50_PLUS flags in tg3_get_invariants
    • check TG3_FLG2_5750_PLUS flag to set TG3_FLG2_5705_PLUS flag
    • add support for bcm5752 rev a1
    • Minor 5752 fixes
    • Split tg3_phy_probe into 2
    • Setup proper GPIO settings
    • Fix tg3_set_power_state()
    • Workaround 5752 A0 chip ID
    • Add GPIO3 for 5752
    • Add nvram detection for 5752
    • Add nvram lockout support for
    • Fix bug in tg3_set_eeprom()
    • Add msi support
    • Add msi test
    • Update driver version and release date
    • Set SA_SAMPLE_RANDOM in request_irq() calls
    • Elide tg3_stop_block messages when such events are normal
    • Ignore tg3_stop_block() errors
    • Add tagged support status
    • Set minimal hw interrupt mitigation
    • Refine DMA boundary setting
    • In tg3_poll(), resample status_tag after doing work
    • Fix stretch ACK performance killer when doing ucopy
    • Fix off-by-one error in rtnetlink.c
  • Luca Tettamanti:
    • fbmem: previous radeonfb fix limits the amount of mmap()’able VRAM to the same amount reserved for the framebuffer
  • Marcelo Tosatti:
    • USB: fix oops in io_edgeport.c driver (2.6 backport)
    • Change VERSION to 2.4.31-rc1
  • Michael Pettersson:
    • x86_64 linkage error on UP_IOAPIC
  • Mike Miller:
    • cciss: fix for passthru ioctls
  • Suresh B. Siddha:
    • x86_64: fix pci config space access race condition
    • x86_64: Try harder to allocate memory in pci_alloc_consistent()
  • Willy Tarreau:
    • floppy typo fix
  • Xose Vazquez Perez:
    • Add 5752M device ID

Summary of changes from v2.4.31-pre1 to v2.4.31-pre2

    • sata_sil: Fix FIFO PCI Bus Arbitration
    • fix moxa crash with more than one 1 board
    • SATA AHCI correction Intel ICH7R
  • Brett Russ:
    • AHCI: fix fatal error int handling
    • libata: support descriptor sense in ctrl page
  • Chris Wright:
    • backport v2.6 elf_core_dump() flaw fix (CAN-2005-1263)
  • Eugene Surovegin:
    • ppc32: backport Book-E decrementer handling fix from 2.6
  • Jean Delvare:
    • I2C updates: Fix typo in a comment in i2c.h
    • I2C updates: Fix I2C_FUNC_* defines in i2c.h
    • I2C updates: Fix an iteration bug in the handling of i2c client module parameters
  • Jeff Garzik:
    • [libata ahci] support ->tf_read hook
    • [libata sata_sil] Don’t presume PCI cache-line-size reg is > 0
  • Marcelo Tosatti:
    • Change EXTRAVERSION to 2.4.31-pre2
  • Michael Pettersson:
    • rwsem spinlock linkage error
  • Pete Zaitcev:
    • USB: Add HX type pl2303
  • Rolf Eike Bear:
    • typo fix in drivers/scsi/sata_svw.c comment
  • Steven HARDY:
    • pcnet32: 79C975 fiber fix
  • Willy Tarreau:
    • bonding fix

Summary of changes from v2.4.30 to v2.4.31-pre1

  • Adrian Bunk:
    • MAINTAINERS: remove obsolete ACP/MWAVE MODEM entry
  • Andi Kleen:
    • x86_64: Handle MM going away in context switch
    • x86_64: Backport 2.6 MTRR algorithms
    • x86_64: noexec=off never worked correctly for the kernel direct mappings
    • x86_64: Fix idle=poll
    • x86_64: Fix reference counting bug in change_page_attr on i386/x86-64
    • x86_64: Resend lost APIC IRQs on Uniprocessor too
    • x86_64: Avoid an obnoxious warning during build
    • x86_64: Flush correctly when more than one page is getting flushed
    • x86_64: Reload init_mm on leaving lazy mm
  • Andrew Morton:
    • rwsem: Make rwsems use interrupt disabling spinlocks
  • Herbert Xu:
    • [NETLINK]: Fix sk_rmem_alloc assertion failure in af_netlink.c
  • Hugh Dickins:
    • madvise_willneed -EIO beyond EOF
  • Marcelo Tosatti:
    • Change VERSION to 2.4.31-pre1
  • Pete Zaitcev:
    • visor: Add Zire 31 device ID

Version number2.4.31
Operating systemsLinux
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License typeConditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)