Software update: Linux kernel 2.4.2-pre2

The second pre-patch for kernel 2.4.2. A little late, but posted anyway.

As always, this is software in beta stage, so only use it if you think it’s really useful, and it’s not for beginners. Moreover, the kernel is of course for all Linux platforms, not just i386.

Here’s the complete changelog:

driver sync up with Alan

Andrew Morton: wakeup cleanup and race fix

Paul Mackerras: macintosh driver updates.

don’t trust “page_count()” on reserved pages!

Russell King: fix serious IDE multimode write bug!

me, Jens, others: fix elevator problem

ARM, MIPS and Cris architecture updates

alpha updates: better page clear/copy, avoid kernel lock in execve

USB and firewire updates

ISDN updates

Irda updates

Version number 2.4.2-pre2
Operating systems Linux