Software update: Linux kernel 2.4.1-pre11

Apparently the last pre-patch for kernel 2.4.1 final! This patch obviously applies to all Linux kernels, not just i386. Highlights are the fixes for the Highpoint HPT366 controller and VIA IDE drivers. More info about this patch and the upcoming kernel 2.4.1 (final) release can be found here find.

Then here’s the changelog:

Trond Myklebust: NFS/RPC client SMP fixes

rth: alpha pyxis and convertible fixes

remove broken sys_wait4() declarations

disable radeon debugging code

VIA IDE driver should not enable autodma unless asked for

Andrey Savochkin: eepro100 update. Should fix the resource timing problems

Jeff Garzik: via82cxxx_audio update

YMF7xx PCI audio update: get rid of old broken driver, make new driver handle legacy control too

fix missed wakeup on block device request list

hpt366 controller doesn’t play nice with some IBM harddisks

remove inode pages from the page cache only after having removed them from the page tables

shared memory out-of-swap writepage()fixup (no more magic return)

Version number 2.4.1-pre11
Operating systems Linux