Software update: Winamp 3 alpha 2

Bee FileForum is it possible to already take a look at Winamp 3. The download is ‘only’ 4MB in size. The version number is alpha 2, so don’t expect much from it yet, below is a list with a few new features and an even bigger list with new bugs. Thank you rambodouwe before submitting.

This is an alpha test only. Play with it as much as you like, but don’t blame us if it melts your computer into a pile of scrap metal or steals your girlfriend. This is the first alpha test that seems actually usable.

Some features to try out:

  • The playlist editor and media library are pretty functional at this point. Try them out. Hit the “PL” and “ML” buttons on the main skin to get them to come up. Then click the “add music to db” button on the media library. After you add some music, you can drag-and-drop it onto the main player or onto the playlist editor.
  • You should be able to drag-and-drop files from Windows explorer windows onto the playlist editor or the main player piece.
  • The winamp logo in the lower right will bring up the Thinger(tm), which will allow you to launch your components.
  • Right clicking on the player piece will bring up a menu with some more options.
  • The shuffle and repeat buttons should work.
  • You can undock any docked window (including the main player) by holding down either SHIFT key while dragging it.

Known bugs:

  • The equalizer just plain isn’t implemented.
  • You can’t configure anything just yet.
  • Turning crossfading off and on causes a jump in the audio.
  • Dropping explorer files on playlist editor always adds at the beginning.
  • If no file is valid in a playlist, hitting play enters an endless loop.
  • We still use the win32 edit box in all its ugliness – please don’t hate us
  • This version plays MP3s & WAV files. That’s it.
  • CD playing plugin is not included
  • After you switch skins, highly weird shit can happen. We recommend you quit and restart Winamp3 after switching skins. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  • Also, the MetadataDB is written to disk on quit. If it crashes, changes made won’t be saved (like inserted music).

Version number 3.0 alpha 2
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website BetaNews