Software Update: GeForce Tweak Utility 2.6

On Guru3D you can read that a new version of the GeForce Tweak Utility has been released. The version number is 2.6. You can program here take down. With this program you can change all kinds of registry settings if you use the standard nVidia drivers, the Else or Asus drivers and if you use the nVidia drivers you can also overclock your card. The changes since version 2.4 are:

version 2.6:

  • Bug fixes at the following options: Anisotropic4Tap, FavorSZ, AGPTexCutOff, FogTable emulation
  • added multi-adapter support (that means the GTU can control more than one Nvidia adapter in your pc)
  • improved adapter detection mechanism
  • new tab: “GTU settings” – this gives you more control over the GTU
    • You can enter the registry path to your video card manually – that means you can (theoretically) use the GTU with all vendor specific drivers now!
    • You can choose if you wish the GTU to use its driver specific interface
    • Because of some incompatibilities on some user pcs there’s an option to prevent the GTU to auto create the beta entries
  • small registry bug fixes
  • GTU FAQ update

version 2.5.1:

  • some modifications at the version detection mechanism (w98)
  • Removed some old, unnecessary options (w98)
  • fixed Detonator 6.xx/7.xx D3D Vsync problem (w98)
  • the “default values”-button has been made more easiely to handle (w98)
  • The GTU now knows the default values ​​of ALL entries (w98)

version 2.5:

  • Another problem of the GTU has been solved: The GTU is now able to detect the driver version. This results in a version-specific behavior of the program. (w98)
  • FSAA changing did not work with the 7.xx Detonator drivers. Now it does. (w98)
  • Small bug fix at the color correction tab. (w98)

Version number 2.6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Guru3D