Software Update: jv16 PowerTools 2006 beta 1

After Macecraft Software released jv16 PowerTools version 2006 earlier in the middle of this month announced the first beta release has now been released. The program is intended for cleaning the registry and fine-tuning the PC as a whole. New in the 2006 edition is, among other things, the possibility to divide files into small files of a certain size or into a predetermined number of files. In addition, files can now also be emptied. Useful for cleaning up log files, for example, without throwing them away. A complete overview of the changes can be found below:

New icons on the main window

  • Startup Manager – Allows you to list all the applications which automatically start with Windows. You can remove applications from the list and add new ones, you can also disable programs (ie they remain on the list but don’t start any longer automatically with Windows. You can later enable them again).
  • File Tool – Opens the File Tool directly from the main window. You can then eg drag and drop files to the tool.
  • Directory Finder – Allows you to find directories based on a very rich set of search options. For example, you can list all empty directories, directories that contain at least N bytes of files, directories that contain at least N files etc. The list of available search options is too long to list here.
  • Disk Wiper – Allows you to fully erase selected drives, the contents of individual directories, or to wipe all the free space of a drive. The exact method of wiping can be configured (ie how many times the data is written over) by the user.

Other new features

  • Internet update feature which shows the latest version of the product and tells instructions how to update to the latest version.
  • New features of the File Tools: Split and Empty. The Split feature allows you to split files to many parts, either by size (eg split a file to parts of 10 MB each) or by number (eg split a file to 10 parts). The feature contains very sophisticated file naming and simulation features not present in most other similar tools (which alone can cost up to $29.95!). The Empty feature allows you to reset a file (ie remove all of its contents), the feature comes very handy when you must flush hundreds of log files without removing the files.
  • The File Finder can now find files that have been modified/created/last accessed within the last N years, days, months, hours, minutes or seconds.
  • Added shortcut to the Windows Calculator to the main window’s shortcuts menu.


  • The speed of the Registry Cleaner is improved by 50% and the accuracy by 10%.
  • The entire Registry Monitor is rewritten giving it a performance boost of over 70%, also all stability issues of the feature are now fixed.
  • Fixed many minor memory leaks.
  • Improved the startup time of the application.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Added the Full row select feature which allows you to select items without having to put the small tick to the check box of the line.
  • Highly improved printing feature can now handle even the largest lists.


Version number 2006beta 1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Maccraft Software
File size


License type Shareware