Software Update: Linux Kernel 2.4.4-pre6

High time to report on the progress with the kernel again . We have now arrived at patch 2.4.4-pre6, which as always is suitable for all platforms, and of course as always is pre-production software.

So those who want to use the kernel patches should proceed with caution and caution . For the enthusiast, here’s the full changelog from patch pre-1 to pre-6:


Chris Mason: daemonize reiserfs commit thread

Alan Cox: syncup (AFFS might even work, and official VIA workarounds)

Jeff Garzik: network driver updates

Paul Mackerras: PPP update

David Howells: more rw-sem cleanups, updates. Slowly getting somewhere.


Mike Phillips: Olympic Driver Update

Alan Cox: continued resyncing (lots of small stuff, big NTFS merge from Anton)

Martin Dalecki: cleanup (remove unused and unnecessary het_hardblocksize)

Chris Mason: fix potential reiserfs journal overflow

Jeff Garzik: network driver updates

David Miller: sparc fixes, some network cleanups


David Miller: sparc rw semaphores moved over

Alan Cox: yet more resyncs


David Howells: more rw-sem cleanups, updates

USB updates

Al Viro: filesystem init cleanup


Hui-Fen Hsu: sis900 driver update

NIIBE Yutaka: Super-H Update

Alan Cox: more resyncs (ARM down, but more to go)

David Miller: network zerocopy, Sparc sync, qlogic, FC fix, etc.

David Miller/me: get rid of various drivers hacks to do mmap alignment behind the back of the VM layer. Create a real protocol for it.


Ingo Molnar/Al Viro: don’t use bforget() on ext2 (and minix) metadata where we may not be the only owner of the buffer! FS corruption.

Andi Kleen: IPv6 packet reassembly fix.

David Howells: fix up rwsem implementation

Alan Cox: more merging (S/390 down, ARM to go).

Jens Axboe: LVM and loop fixes


Bob Tracy: Cyrix MTRR setup fix(don’t make it twice as big as asked for)

Trond Myklebust: rpciod needs to be PF_MEMALLOC to avoid deadlocks on memory allocation when writing out NFS data under low memory conditions.

Fix up BKL and RPC interactions.

Jeff Garzik: tulip network driver update

fix truncate to call down to the filesystem with the kernel lock.

David Mosberger: ia64 update

David Mosberger: simplify ELF program header generation.

Alan Cox: merge from -ac series

Jeff Garzik: make serial.c recognize modem devices properly

Version number 2.4.4-pre6
Operating systems Linux