Software Update: FreeFileSync 11.2

Version 11.2 of FreeFileSync has been released. This open source program can be used to back up or synchronize content from two different locations. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, doesn’t rely on things like Java or a .Net Framework, and it’s lightweight to use. The Windows installer contains separate 32bit and 64bit versions, and also offers the possibility to install a portable version. Since version 11.24, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in FreeFileSync version 11.2

  • Improved grid layout with file icons hidden
  • Improved rendering of inactive and disabled grid items
  • Remember last user-selected paths for file and folder pickers
  • Fixed folder name hidden in “item name” view type
  • Fixed determination of unsupported trash folder (Linux)
  • Fixed copying broken symlinks (macOS)
  • Fixed default action when pressing Enter in popup dialogs
  • Fixed default popup dialog size (macOS)
  • Use localized start of week for %WeekDay% (Linux, macOS)
  • Swap sides using CTRL+W instead of F10
  • Show confirmation dialog before swapping sides

Changes in FreeFileSync version 11.1

  • New file group layout on main grid (reloaded)
  • Alternate colors for main grid folder groups
  • Added file group context menu
  • Quick selection of items in folder group
  • Fixed FTP access errors with Explicit SSL/TLS
  • Fixed Google Drive error when double quotes in file name
  • Fixed RTL layout bug with number input control
  • Fixed grid column default sizes
  • Fixed grid rendering performance during mouse scrolling
  • Update all config files transactionally
  • Respect user-preferred number/time format (Linux)
  • Fixed floating panels not being resizable (Linux)
  • Instantly open selection context menu on right mouse button down
  • Further improved high DPI support
  • Updated deprecated system API calls (requires macOS 10.10 or later)
  • Fixed crash when accessing Nexis storage (macOS)
  • Avoid buffer flush when aborting native file output
  • Clear preview after folder history selection
  • Pre-allocate target file without setting size
  • Unified system error message formatting

Changes in FreeFileSync version 11.0

  • Revised file layout on main grid
  • Skip download/upload when copying Google Drive files inside account
  • Support moving Google Drive files between shared drives and My Drive
  • Support copying Google Drive shortcuts between accounts
  • Support copying Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. within account
  • Fixed parsing uninitialized Google Drive modification time
  • Fixed Google Drive file already existing check running too late
  • Ignore slash/backslash differences during manual search
  • Avoid creating orphan database entry if one DB file fails to load
  • Limit modification time error count for log file warning message
  • Support copying WSL symlinks
  • Avoid duplicate MTP/Google Drive item creation from multiple threads
  • Fixed TMPDIR not found during startup (macOS)
  • Added sync variant icons
  • Avoid redundant icon format conversions
  • Buffer high-DPI image scaling results
  • Improved MTP thumbnail scaling performance
  • Avoid race condition during parallel file icon rendering (Linux)
  • Allow creating folder name with leading/trailing spaces
  • Start supporting GTK3 (Linux)

Changes in FreeFileSync version 10.25

  • New file tree layout for main grid
  • Support Google Drive Shared Drives
  • Support Google Drive Shortcuts
  • Prioritize item name rendering if lacking horizontal space
  • Report “out of memory” during startup instead of crashing
  • Fixed excess memory consumption when loading variable-size data blocks
  • Fixed VERSION_ID missing on Arch Linux
  • Fixed IWbemServices::ConnectServer error during auto-update
  • Fixed row being skipped during main grid page up/down
  • Fixed MSSearch files not found when using Volume Shadow Copy
  • Allow creating folder names with trailing dot
  • Improved sort by full path speed and folder ordering
  • Report detailed error when failing to parse FTP MLSD
  • Sort by path component names instead of relative path
  • Support access to MEGAcmd FTP server
  • Fixed Google Drive error when removing last parent of shared item
  • Fixed Google Drive owned+shared files being unlinked instead of deleted
  • Fixed Google Drive change notification evaluation for item without parents
  • Support double-click/”Browse directory” for (S)FTP/Google Drive (Linux)

Version number 11.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website FreeFileSync
File size


License type GPL