Software update: Factorio 1.1.35

Factorio is a ‘building and management’ game where the main character has crashed on an alien planet. The goal is to collect raw materials and process them into semi-finished products several times to eventually build a rocket that will allow you to leave the planet. More information can be found on the website of the game and also on our Forum you can visit this topic for player experiences. The developer has released version 1.1.35 with the following changes:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple issues related to placing blueprints with electric poles near other electric poles or ghost thereof. (97398)
  • Fixed a lighting issue with QCK Prism mousepads. (98393)
  • Fixed recipe notifications when a recipe is hidden from hand crafting. (98328)
  • Fixed that units dying wouldn’t contain the unit group they were part of. (98142)
  • Fixed a crash when migrating entities across types in some cases. (97882)
  • Fixed several crashes when writing to disk fails. (98386)
  • Fixed that searching descriptions of some items didn’t work correctly. (98378)
  • Fixed that fast-replacing gates would remove wall control behaviors. (98369)
  • Fixed desync related to manually fast replacing both ends of underground belt in a way, that they don’t connect in the end.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to edit the whitelist on a server while autosave happens. (98447)
  • Fixed counting tiles when part of search area hits non existing chunks. (98684)
  • Fixed that gate technology had no description. (98683)
  • Fixed loaders would leave a gap on belt when items started moving. (98703)
  • Fixed nuke did not vaporize things in the epicenter of the blast and would leave corpses and remnants behind.
  • Fixed a crash when using items with inventories that contain construction robots. (98706)
  • Fixed a crash when making a new game from a scenario with the map editor in a vehicle. (98682)
  • Fixed not being able to leave large cars with certain shape. (98729)
  • Fixed that using large values ​​in the map editor “tick custom” field didn’t work correctly. (98798)
  • Fixed that radar coverage preview wasn’t visible when the mouse was above invisible parts of the GUI. (97500)
  • Fixed Terrain water checkbox in map generation settings didn’t have the tooltip info icon. (97953)
  • Fixed that the mining drill GUI couldn’t be moved off screen. (98113)
  • Fixed science pack requirement objective in supply challenge. (98267)
  • Fixed that tooltips of slots in the statistics GUIs didn’t account for force bonuses. (97931)
  • Fixed that upgrading underground belts marked for upgrade didn’t properly upgrade the (potentially) connected belts on the other side. (98849)
  • Fixed LuaEntityPrototype::module_inventory_size would return nil when entity has 65535 slots for modules. (98867)


  • Added a machine-readable JSON format of the runtime documentation, which can be used by developer tools to provide code completion and related functionality.
  • Added vertical_alignment parameter for LuaRendering::draw_text.

Version number 1.1.35
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Factorio
License type Paid