Software Update: Eudora Email

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After a relatively short period of betas, Qualcomm has now released version 6.2 of Eudora. Eudora is an e-mail program that can be used in three different ways. The more one pays, the more options are available and less advertising is displayed. Prices range from nada, noppes, nothing to US$49.95. This version comes with the following impressive changelog:


  • ScamWatch – Eudora now warns with a tooltip warning when the pointer is moved over a suspicious link and warns with a dialog when a suspicious link is clicked.
  • Emoticons – Eudora now supports sending and receiving mail with emoticons.


  • Eudora now uses OpenSSL instead of Certicom’s SSL Plus library for SSL negotiations.
  • When a server’s SSL certificate is rejected for certain reasons (not trusted, expired, etc.) Eudora will now present a dialog asking the user if they want to trust the cert instead of forcing them to navigate a complicated UI to manually trust the certificate.


  • Filtering of IMAP messages should now be as fully functional as filtering of POP messages.
  • Manually declaring an IMAP message to be either “Junk” or “Not Junk” now informs the junk plugins of the change in the message’s status.
  • Improved user’s ability to stop IMAP operations.
  • IMAP users running on servers without UIDPLUS now have the option of allowing Eudora to score incoming messages even though it will not move messages to the Junk mailbox.
  • Eudora will now only move junk messages to the Junk mailbox from the Inbox for IMAP accounts.
  • Fixed problem where creating a new IMAP mailbox would cause two identical entries to appear in the mailbox tree.
  • Fixed problem where Eudora would sometimes confuse two similarly named IMAP accounts.
  • Automatic IMAP mail checks no longer display the “No new mail” dialog.
  • Fixed potential crash with multiple simultaneous IMAP connections for the same account.
  • Fixed crash when searching on certain IMAP accounts.
  • Fixed crash when manually filtering an IMAP message from a message window (as opposed to a TOC window).
  • Fixed case where IMAP Trash or Junk mailboxes would not be acknowledged.
  • Eudora will no longer automatically expunge IMAP messages if fancy trash mode is off.
  • Fixed problem where deleted or junked IMAP messages were not being deleted from the mailbox when using Fancy Trash.
  • Fixed problem where Eudora would sometimes attempt to junk deleted IMAP messages.
  • Fixed problem where junked IMAP messages were being given a score of 0 instead of the specified manual junk score.


  • Fixed cases where attachments could be spoofed via base64 or quoted-printable encoded (plain-text, inline) MIME parts.
  • User is now warned when forwarding an attachment not found in Eudora’s attachment directory. See setting in Tools->Options->Extra Warnings “Forward files that are not in the attachment directory”. Also controlled by , where 0 means don’t warn, 1 means warn (default), and 2 means don’t attach.


  • “Open” and “Print” filter actions now work properly when they are the only action a given filter takes.
  • Fixed cases where “Open Message” and “Open Mailbox” filter actions did not work properly.
  • Fixed case where the “Notify User” “In Report” filter action wouldn’t bring up the “Filters Report” window if the filter report is turned off in “Tools|Options|Getting Attention”.
  • Users are now prevented from making the left panel of the address book smaller than a specified width. Users can specify their own width by using the ABookLeftPanelWidth INI setting.
  • Fixed memory leak in filtering based on regular expressions.


  • Fixed bugs related to nicknames which contained the @ character.
  • Now only email addresses (and not nicknames) are added to the history list.
  • Remove from recipient list now works for multiple selections.
  • Fixed bug where the recipient list was not updated when a user discarded changes.
  • Fixed bug which caused no context menu to appear in the address book window for Windows 95 and 98.
  • User now has option to cancel when a duplicate nickname is found during the operation of “Make Address Book Entry”.


  • Content Concentrator now detects certain text digests and behaves more appropriately.
  • Eudora no longer incorrectly warns when View Source is chosen and the source is text.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when selecting “View Source” after recently changing the “Use Microsoft’s viewer” setting.
  • Fixed detection of ‘ed URLs with URL: prefix to end properly at closing >.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when editing a message.
  • Now correctly marks certain words misspelled, which were previously missed when they ended with a single quote.
  • Fixed bug where clearing styles killed embedded images.
  • Strip images whose size is less than 4 square pixels (web bugs) when viewed with Eudora’s internal viewer.
  • Can now use internal viewer for displaying GIF files, whereas previously QuickTime was required.
  • Fixed a crash (by updating to libpng 1.2.7) that could occur when displaying an invalid PNG image.
  • Eudora now copies text containing colons in a manner that other applications like WordPad will accept.
  • Eudora now displays calendar attachments rather than incorrectly deleting them (POP) or displaying in the body of the message (IMAP).
  • Fixed bug where Eudora ignored the last header listed in when using the Eudora internal viewer.


  • Undoing of a Junk or Not Junk command now restores the junk score.
  • “Not Junk” command now correctly adds to the white list when invoked in the “Find Messages” window.
  • If all downloaded messages are declared junk or are filtered to trash Eudora will no longer play the new mail sound.
  • Junk is now trimmed on an auto mail checks, and sooner if maximum junk age is only 1 day.
  • SpamHeaders is no longer case sensitive.
  • Fixed bug that caused junk messages not in the Inbox to be moved to the Junk mailbox when recalculating junk scores.


  • Eudora is now better about remembering the preview pane splitter position used the last time Eudora was run.
  • Type-to-select now searches the subject when the messages are sorted by subject.
  • Type-to-select now prefers messages at the end of the mailbox (unless is 1, in which case it prefers messages at the start of the mailbox).
  • Type-to-select now allows punctuation and spaces.
  • The type-to-select string can now be reset before the idle time out by pressing the Escape key.
  • Content Concentrator profile menu is now hidden when the preview pane is off.


  • Fixed bug where searches with “contains whole word” would not find anything unless the search text was all lower case. Searches with “contains whole word” are now case-insensitive.
  • Age searches now default to Attachment count searches now default to > 0, adjustable with INI settings.
  • Find messages is now better at finding messages with phrases in certain cases.
  • Fixed memory leak in both searching based on regular expressions.


  • Added to control whether the Backspace key deletes the selected messages in a mailbox.
  • Fixed crashing bug when loading up a nickname flie with a corrupt TOC and long addresses.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a message was right clicked and the mouse was moved.
  • A setting of 0 for or now means no limit to the number of concurrent tasks.
  • Fixed bug where Eudora would not find mailfolders if any special Windows attributes were turned on for the mailfolders.
  • Data and Executable directories now appear in Help|About.
  • Fixed several memory leaks, some of which affected checking mail.
  • Improved performance of mail checking and junk mail processing.
  • Widened options dialog (but not yet the individual panels) and added “Help” button.
  • Eudora no longer forgets the password for a personality if you look at the “Account Settings” for a personality and click OK.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when drag and dropping a mail folder onto itself.
  • Attachments that are deleted with the owning message via Special->Empty Trash now go into the recycle bin.
  • Eudora now does a better job of finding and deleting attachments when attachments are deleted with the owning message via Special->Empty Trash.
  • Fixed bug where Eudora could crash when sending certain styled messages with lots of embedded images.
  • Eudora no longer sends an X-Sender header.
  • Fixed bug where printing from Directory Services window only printed headers and footers.
  • Fixed bug where Eudora would not finish receiving certain messages with non-standard MIME headers.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after canceling the search window while searching the address book.
  • Relaxed some ad failure calculations.

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Qualcomm
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License type Shareware
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