Software Update: Easy CD Creator 4.03a

ady reported an update for Easy CD Creator in addition to the DirectCD Update. Again, due to the absence of a dated update, this post may be “too late”.

A point to be aware of: This update only works from 4.02 or higher. Otherwise it is necessary to this page to get the necessary additional updates. Also, this update is only for Windows 2000 (or NT) users, due to an issue described below:

Due to limitations in the Windows 95 registry, the ECDC 4.03 updates are not supported in Windows 95. The changes in 4.03 were specific to Windows 2000 and are not needed by Windows 95 users. Please continue to use 4.02e until this is resolved in a future release. Please see the Version History for more details. Fixes

  • Fixes a bug which prevented 16x recording on some recorders.
  • Fixes a bug in which, in Windows 2000 with some USB recorders, Easy CD Creator would sometimes hang, or the recorder disappear from the system, when Creator is launched.
  • Adds support for many new recorders, see the Recorder Support database for details.

Version number 4.03a
Operating systems Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Roxio