Software Update: Dopamine 2.0.2

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Version 2.0.2 of Dopamine has been released. Dopamine is an open source audio player that aims to make audio playback as simple and beautiful as possible. It is being developed for Windows 7 and above, has a customizable appearance, provides system notifications and can optionally also be controlled from the taskbar or system tray. Below is the changelog since version 2.0.

This is Dopamine 2.0.2’s change log:

  • [Added] It is now possible to sort albums by year ascending or descending
  • [Added] Added a smart playlist rule “does not contain”
  • [Added] Added an Indonesian translation
  • [Added] Added Serbian translations
  • [Fixed] Startup crash which is caused by the spectrum analyzer
  • [Fixed] “.opus” files are ignored
  • [Fixed] “.aif” files are ignored
  • [Fixed] When double-clicking a playlist, it is not enqueued.
  • [Fixed] A crash which occurs when creating a new playlist after deleting the playlists folder
  • [Fixed] PC goes to sleep while playing music
  • [Fixed] Fixed a focus stealing issue when skipping inside songs using the arrow keys
  • [Changed] Updated the Japanese translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Polish translation

Dopamine 2.0.1 change log:

  • [Changed] Reverted some changes to audio decoding. This hopefully removes lag when decoding high bitrate files.
  • [Added] Added support for m3u8 playlists

Version number 2.0.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Digimezzo
License type GPL
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