Software update: Ditto

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A new version of Ditto has become available. This program adds all kinds of functions to the standard Windows clipboard. For example, it becomes possible to paste items that were previously placed on the clipboard, the clipboard can be synchronized between different computers whereby data is sent encrypted, and the data on the clipboard can be cleaned of formatting code. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Changes in version

  • Added backup / restore db options
  • Default position to caret
  • Added system context menu to hide startup message
  • Regular expression matching is case insensitive
  • Limit past searches to 10 and 50 characters each
  • Zoom in on image using ctrl – mouse wheel
  • Support horizontal and vertical panning touch gestures
  • Fixed issue with always removing / and q from the beginning of the search string
  • Handle enter key in Delete Clip data window
  • Follow windows 10 settings for app dark/light
  • Use accent color to show pasted clips updated italian language file
  • Added activate window delay to adv options, changed default value from 50ms to 100ms
  • Fix issue with handling ctrl-c in the description window
  • Added force close command
  • Fixed showing message when double clicking on a .dto file to place it on the clipboard
  • Support entering escape in quick paste shortcuts
  • Don’t save rtf text from edit screen unless they have rtf in supported types
  • Double check ensure visible when creating window, helps with window scaling on first open
  • Better detecting of hyperlinks in text editor
  • Added options for first at start index and font size
  • Default editor font to segue ui and 14 point font
  • Added regex replace to chai scripts
  • Added replace call to std::string to chai script
  • Added set clip as sticky to chai script
  • Added FormatCurrentTime chai script
  • Show paste script shortcut keys in the menu

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website ditto
File size 21.98MB
License type GPL
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