Software Update: Data Crow 3.4.17

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The developers of Data Crow released version 3.4.17 of their catalog program on Tuesday. This program can bring order to the chaos of just about any collection, be it books, CDs, DVDs, books, photos or music files. Where possible, all kinds of relevant and additional information is retrieved from the internet, such as Imdb, Amazon or Bol. The program is open source and written in Java, so it is easy to make changes in appearance or functionality. Below are the changes made in this release:


  • A possible cache mechanism error.
  • The CSV importer did not allow fields to be mapped. Furthermore it did forget the mappings while navigating back and forth through the wizard.


  • All windows now have the following shortcut keys (if applicable):
    • (S)ave
    • (C)ancel
    • (C)lose
    • R(un)
    • (OK
    • A(apply)
    • (N)ew
    • N(ext)
    • (D)elete
    • (A)add
    • C(lear)
    • Stop
    • Start)
    • (Y)es
    • (N)o
    • (R)emove
    • (B)ack.
  • Some dialogs and buttons will now have new icons.
  • IMDB movie search has been improved to ensure future compatibility. The old implementation did not always deal well with the HTML formatted text and the localized versions of this wonderful site.

Version number 3.4.17
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Dates Crow
License type GPL
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