Software Update: Clonezilla Live 2.7.2-38

Clonezilla is an open source program for creating disk images. Among other things, it is possible to make backups of partitions or of the entire hard disk, or a copy of a hard disk: a so-called clone. Clonezilla is therefore an open source variant of Macrium Reflect and Acronis True Image. The whole thing is based on a Debian distribution and it uses DRBL, Partclone and udpcast. Clonezilla live is intended for standalone computers, while Clonezilla server and SE up to 40 computers can be imaged simultaneously. With version number a new stable release of Clonezilla has been released and the changelog of that version looks like this:

Enhancements and changes from 2.7.1-22

  • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2021/May/30).
  • Linux kernel was updated to 5.10.40-1.
  • Package systemd was updated to 248.3-1, and this might have fixed this issue
  • Add “VGA with large font & To RAM” (using nomodeset) in the boot menu, and move “KMS with large font & To RAM” to submenu. This can be an alternative solution for jfbterm not working in KMS mode for some VGA cards.
  • Add ocs-park-disks before rebooting/halting in Clonezilla live. Thanks DDD for this request. Ref
  • Improve to process the volume header of Veracrypt. Add two files: ocs-save-veracrypt-vh & ocs-restore-veracrypt-vh Ref
  • Add “–force” for vgcfgrestore to force metadata restore even with thin pool LVs.
  • Add boot parameter echo_ocs_repository, so that when it’s assigned as “no”, the prompt about mounting image repository can be hidden. Thanks to ottokang for asking this.
  • Update singularity-debian-ocs.def: include ezio instead of ezio-static
  • Disable sleep and hibernate for live system. Ref
  • Manually applied the patches for timeout and exit code for ocs-iso and ocs-live-dev. Thanks to Vitaly for these MRs. Ref
  • ocs-live-feed-img: make timeout_max shorter as “60”.
  • Not to detect wifi device linking status for ocs-live-netcfg. Add wl.* to net device list.
  • Boot menu: Set KMS+To RAM and To RAM at 1st and 2nd level of boot menu. Remove words “Default settings” from the boot menu. Thanks to Lord65 for this suggestion.
  • ocs-sr: change -sspt as -scpt. Add an option to force choosing disk name in saveparts mode in the expert mode.
  • Add -gb/-cb in the advanced menu of ocs-sr so that b2sum can be used to create the checksum of image files. Thanks to Ramon Fischer for this suggestion. Ref
  • Switch to use b2sum instead of md5sum in chksum_cmd_for_files_in_dev or drbl-ocs.conf.
  • Add -ssnf, –skip-set-netboot-first in the dcs, ie, drbl-ocs so that the variable efi_netboot_1st_in_nvram in drbl-ocs.conf can be changed when running dcs.
  • Add the option -sspt, –skip-save-part-table for ocs-sr & drbl-ocs. The allows to save and restore a whole disk without any partition by dd. Eg, save: ocs-sr -q2 -c -j2 -sspt -z9p -i 4096 -sfsck -senc -p choose saveparts my-img sda restore: ocs-sr -e1 auto -e2 -t -r -j2 -c -k -scr -p choose -f sda restoreparts my-img sda Thanks to Steven Lewis for asking this. Ref
  • ocs_chkimg: do not exit if no partition table. This allows the image saved for whole disk as a file system (eg, /dev/sda) by saving mode saveparts.
  • Include package jq. Thanks to Rumata Estorskiy for asking this

Bug fixes

  • The command in Info-saved-by-cmd.txt was not correctly saved when ocs-sr is run directly, not from the TUI interactive mode.
  • Set ntp off in live hook for Clonezilla/DRBL/GParted live. The previous method does not work. Thanks Jay B. for identify this issue.
  • Comment “IPAPPEND 1” in PXE config file. It fails the live boot when pxebooting a clonezilla/drbl live client.
  • Exclude loop device as 1st-disk is used for device name in ocs-sr, since /dev/loop0 is for filesystem.squashfs from Clonezilla live.

Version number 2.7.2-38
Release status Final
Website Clonezilla
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License type GPL