Software Update: BitWise IM 1.7 beta 3

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The third beta release of BitWise IM version 1.7 has just been released. BitWise IM is one extensive cross-platform chat program, which can also be used to exchange files via the Direct Connect protocol. Among the many possibilities we find secure and encrypted connections, voice chat, conversations with several people at the same time and a whiteboard. The program is available in three variants; the free Personal Edition and the paid versions Plus and Professional. The package is released under a slew of conditions due to its extensive capabilities, and these are here easy to read. The changelog of this release looks like this:

Changes in version 1.7 beta 3:

  • Reduced lag during/between message transmission by 75%, very noticable on maxed out dial-up connections.
  • New voice protocol that does not require UDP forwarding or firewall setup by either party, in most cases.
  • When receiving voice data is delayed, catch up to real-time (ie drop old data) when data resumes.
  • BitWise can be used “without a trace” on removable drives (eg USB) using “with program” settings storage.
  • Message numbers in conversations will sync with your contact’s number for easier message referencing.
  • Whiteboard status line informs you which pages have updated material that you have not seen.
  • Added Save to the Encryption Key display dialog (used for your own keys or contacts’ new/matching keys).
  • Added option to “Conversation” menu allowing you to temporarily disable macro processing.
  • Conversations windows flash using “new message” setting when a file transfer is complete.
  • Setup window re-organized to group related items together in boxes with headings.
  • Buttons on file transfer manager correctly update when automatically resuming the selected file.
  • Alert sounds are automatically suppressed for users on your contact list that are blocked.
  • Removed pointless checkboxes on logging style headings (enable use specific types, not the heading).
  • Canceling a file while it is still connecting properly releases another queued file to begin.
  • Unified directory and file name storage to use / all the time for portability among platforms.
  • Font preferences stored with an OS appendix to prevent platform fights over fonts on mobile installations.
  • Store Helpers with an OS appendix so mobile installations of BitWise can maintain platform-specific helpers.
  • Names removed from login dropdown will be immediately removed without needing to re-open the login window.
  • Log viewer loads files in one piece to prevent Unicode characters from being split and garbled.
  • Fixed newline differences (Windows vs. Linux/Mac) from triggering Plus Key mismatch warnings.
  • Fixed UDP Alert window from continuing to show even after checking not to show the alert again.
  • Monolithic log options for text and XML actually work, rather than being both enabled or disabled.
  • Whitespace is consistently trimmed from both ends of messages for both the sender and receiver.
  • Windows: Prevent focus stealing when one window is already open and another is created in the background.
  • Windows: Switching between registry and file preferences storage no longer crashes with saved passwords.
  • Windows: Running BitWise with no one logged in and the login window closed will show the login window again.
  • Win/Linux: Option on Helpers preferences for using a text editor rather than log viewer for text logs.
  • Mac: Changed default audio buffer to 50 ms from 25 ms to alleviate choppy audio problems.


Version number 1.7 beta 3
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
Website BitWise IM
License type Freeware
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