Software Update: Apple macOS 12.3

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Apple has released macOS 12.3. In version 12, known as Monterey and which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, Apple has added several features that we already know from iOS, such as Airplay, which previously only worked limited, Quick notes, being able to group tabs in Safari, Focus and Shortcuts. In addition, Facetime can now generate a link so that others without Facetime can be added to a conversation and the background can be blurred. In version 12.3, Apple adds Universal Control and Spatial Audio, among other things.


The macOS 12.3 SDK provides support to develop apps for Mac computers running macOS Monterey 12.3. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 13.3 RC, available from Beta Software Downloads† For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 13.3, see Xcode 13.3 Beta 2 Release Notes

Apple Pay New Features

  • Developers can express payment network preference in PKPaymentRequest† Network preference is determined by the order of supportedNetworks† This won’t override the user’s default card selection, but if the card is multi-SSD, then the network preference order determines which SSD is selected. (80827905)

Authentication New Features

  • Support is added to the passkey technology preview, enabling signing in to passkey-compatible websites and apps on Mac and iPad using an iPhone with a saved passkey. (87998252)

Game Controller New Features

  • Support is now available for new DualSense adaptive trigger firmware features available via GCDualSenseAdaptiveTrigger† (87433163)

iWork Known Issues

  • Collaboration scenarios might not work when the user configures the system to a right-to-left language. (89078453). Workaround: Use to collaborate in Safari using a right-to-left language.

kernel Deprecations

  • The kernel extensions used by Dropbox Desktop Application and Microsoft OneDrive are no longer available. Both service providers have replacements for this functionality; Dropbox is currently in beta. (85890896)

libc++ New Features

  • The following new C++20 and C++23 features are now implemented:
    • C++20 library concepts defined in .
    • constexpr for std::swap() and swap-related functions.
    • Miscellaneous constexprification in the library.
    • std::atomic now default initializes as expected.
    • A .contains() method for associative containers.
    • Added std::bind_front(). (88131816)


  • Some extensions in std::tuple were removed to fix bugs caused by those extensions:
    • Tuples can no longer be constructed from fewer than the number of elements in the tuple. Previously, elements that weren’t specified were default-constructed; now this is a compiler error.
    • A tuple can no longer be constructed from an array.
    • The std::result_of and std::is_literal_type type traits are no longer available in C++20 mode, as specified in the Standard.

Python Deprecations

  • Python 2.7 was removed from macOS in this update. Developers should use Python 3 or an alternative language instead. (39795874)

StoreKit New Features

Universal Control Known Issues

  • Drag-and-drop scenarios might not work for some file types and apps. (88106322)
  • Some third-party keyboards and mice might encounter issues when using additional functionality, like scroll wheels. (88106362)

WebKit Deprecations

  • Support for inline viewing of PostScript files is no longer available. (88172449)

Version number 12.3
Release status Final
Operating systems macOS
Website apple
License type Freeware
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