Software Update: All My Movies 7.9 build 1420

Bolidesoft has released version 7.9 of All My Movies. This program is intended to catalog a film collection. The films can be stored on the PC or on another storage medium, such as DVD or Blu-ray. All My Movies can read the contents of the CD or DVD drive and search the hard drive if desired and then list all the movies. Information such as title, director, actors, genre and subtitles can be read or imported from websites such as IMDb and Cinebel. Through plugins the number of databases to be consulted can be further expanded. The information from All My Movies can be requested from several locations at once and a password can be set so that not everyone can make changes. Since version 7.6, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 7.9 build 1420

  • Added batch movie details lookup by movie title (and Year, if available). The function is available with menu “Tools-Batch movie details lookup”. Check “Unfilled only” option there
  • Added checking for write permissions for the database folder when opening the collection
  • Added unicode file names support
  • Added “Delete movie with file(s)” menu item to the popup menu with Shift-Del shortcut
  • When you add movies from video files, All My Movies now tries to find the cover image near the video file and available meta-data (movie.xml)
  • Improved the way person details popups are shown
  • Some improvements on “Screenshots” tab in the movie card dialog
  • Fixed getting person details from IMDb (death year, filmography encoding issue)
  • Fixed the bug with adding file size when using “Next media” button
  • Fixed search on
  • Fixed plugin for getting movie details from

Changes in version 7.8 build 1419

  • Added “do not import movie number” option to the “Append from…” dialog
  • “Your movies” in the person details are sorted by release year now
  • Added chart statistics by custom fields (press F5 to check)
  • CTRL+click on the movie title in “Your movies” in the person details closes Person directory and goes to the movie details you clicked on
  • The movie cards for TV series with the large amount of episodes now opens faster
  • Improved search German movies by barcode
  • A smarter (we hope) way to display the online search results
  • Added an option for high quality images for PDF export function
  • Added ability to use “star rating” in the print and export to PDF templates
  • Now rating value (received from the online database) is not rounded. Also, we added the hint with numeric rating value when you move the mouse over the rating stars
  • Added new template for printing and export to PDF (named “Album Compact”)
  • Fixed import of Description and Comments in “Restore database from or online” function
  • Fixed import movie details from IMDb,,
  • Fixed getting person details from IMDb

Changes in version 7.7 build 1417

  • Added “Chart” tab to the Statistics. Press F5 to open
  • Now All My Movies can store the correct order for actors, directors and scenarios
  • Main genre is the really “Main” now, it will be the first in the genres list
  • When use Movie Search (F3) function, the search substring now highlighted in the movie details area
  • The movie details in the online search results are displayed in several strings now
  • The program is adapted for running on systems with larger system font
  • Added ability to search by “Local path” field value using menu item “Tools-Movie search (F3)”
  • Added filter inverse for menu “Quick filter-Personal marks” when holding Shift key
  • Fixes in functions for getting movie details from IMDb,,
  • Fixed removing from the list in “Scan drive for movies…” function
  • Fixed getting movie details from IMDb (person filmography and full cast list)

Version number 7.9 build 1420
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website bolidesoft
File size


License type Shareware