Software Update: Adium X 1.4 Beta

Adium has put the first beta of the Adium X 1.4 version series online. This version is here as a dmg file to download. The 1.4 branch features several major improvements. For example, the program supports the protocols of irc and Twitter. In addition, version 1.4 includes libpurple 2.6.0 and better support for MSN and XMPP protocols. The full list of improvements in the 1.4 release over the 1.3.4 branch can be found here this page be read. Below are the release notes of the new beta version:

Along with our release of 1.3.4, I’m terribly eager to announce the first of our series of betas for Adium 1.4, which features two new protocols, IRC and Twitter, as well as a ridiculously long list of improvements, including the latest and greatest in the world of libpurple. 1.4 requires 10.5, so sorry Tiger users.

From support for contacts in multiple groups, to an all-new authorizations window (which pulls together all authorization requests into one window), and more changes than you can think of, this is definitely an excellent release.

Version number 1.4 beta
Release status beta
Operating systems macOS
Website Adium
File size 23.40MB
License type GPL