Software Update: Media Browser Beta

Media Browser is a so-called ‘personal media aggregator’ that shows your collection of music and movies in a well-arranged way. The program displays detailed information while browsing the collection, which is automatically retrieved from the Internet. The latest version of Media Browser is beta 20.11.0 and can here for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The release notes of the new beta are as follows:

Media Browser is written in C# and Media Center Markup Language and runs on the Microsoft Media Center platform, found on Vista Home Premium, and Vista Ultimate OS.


  • Fixed issues with lag after play or stop
  • Fixed configurator crash on Windows 7
  • Fixed issue where configurator would reset the daemon tools drive on launch
  • Put in some work around code that may resolve the freezing in the Vanilla movie details page
  • Stopped MB from looking into recycling bin on network shares
  • NPV view fix for Poster view in Vanilla

Version number beta
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista
Website Media Browser
File size 1.27MB
License type GPL