Snap introduces Spectacles AR glasses for developers

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Snap Inc. introduces the fourth generation of its Spectacles glasses. This new edition includes two built-in screens that can display AR filters and content. The glasses are aimed at developers and are not freely available for the time being.

The glasses are, according to Snap Inc. equipped with two 3D dualwave screens that together create one field of view overlay have 26.3 degrees and a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. The so-called motion to photon latency that appears from the moment a user moves his or her head until it can be seen on the screens is 15 milliseconds, according to the company. The new glasses contain two cameras, four microphones, two stereo speakers and a battery that lasts about thirty minutes on a charge. On the left side of the glasses is a touch pad that allows the user to access filters and interface elements. The glasses weigh according to Snap Inc. 134 grams.

According to CEO Evan Spiegel, these AR glasses can “realistically place digital objects in the physical world.” The Spectacles will be able to analyze a scene and automatically recommend relevant AR scenes according to Spiegel. The glasses are fully supported. by Lens Studio, the desktop application that allows developers to develop AR lenses for Snaps AR platform, allowing developers to test and develop ar applications.

For now, the new Spectacles glasses are not for sale yet. Developers can visit the Snap Inc. do request a copy. According to Snap, the AR glasses were developed “for makers who want to push the boundaries of immersive ar experiences in Lens Studio.”

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