Slack lets users adjust reminder time

Slack has added an option in its apps and web version to choose a custom time and date for a message reminder. Until now, those were only standard options, such as “nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The function was already announced and can be found on a help page, but now it is really active within the apps and in the web version. Users can click on a message that they want to remind themselves of later, after which it is now possible to enter a custom day and time. In addition, users can add a note for themselves.

The function is used when users want to come back to a certain message or need information from it at a later time. The function is separate from the Slackbot function that users invoke by typing ‘/remind’ in the chat program. Until now, users could only get reminders at set times, such as “twenty minutes in,” “in an hour,” “nine o’clock tomorrow morning,” or “nine o’clock next week.”