Singer Taylor Swift puts music back on streaming services after three years

Singer Taylor Swift is putting her music back on streaming services after three years. Swift was one of the best-known artists to openly object to the provision of music on streaming services, calling it “modern piracy.”

Taylor Swift’s management team put released a statement online, stating that the singer’s collection of music is returning to streaming services. There are no names in the statement, but services such as Spotify and Deezer are presumably in between. For a while, her music was not available on any streaming service, although the singer could be heard on Apple Music when that company met one of her most important requirements.

Swift objected to including her music on streaming services with free options, because she believes on principle that users should pay for music. Moreover, she called Spotify ‘modern piracy’, because it would yield little for artists.

It is unknown why the singer has made a change right now. Despite her previous objections to free options from streaming services, her collection can also be listened to there, Techcrunch writes.