SilentiumPC Announces Corona HP EVO ARGB Fans

SilentiumPC has announced EVO models of its fans in the currently unhappily named Corona HP series. It concerns 120mm and 140mm versions, which the company supplies separately and in bundles of three.

With the bundles of three Corona HP EVO ARGB fans, the Polish company SilentiumPC provides a controller to control the color rendering of the addressable RGB LEDs. Each of the fans has eighteen RGB LEDs. The 140mm versions of the fans rotate at a maximum of 1200rpm and provide a maximum airflow of 45cfm. The weight is 180 grams.

The 120mm variants combine a rotation speed of up to 1500rpm with a maximum airflow of 35cfm. These fans weigh 170 grams. The connectors for the fan and for the argb control are 3-pin variants.

SilentiumPC has been using the Corona name for the RGB versions of its Sigma Pro fans since 2018. The name refers to the halo of light around the moon, sun or other stars, which is visible under certain conditions.