How To Get Product Key / Serial Key Of Any Software – Google Hack

There are some sites that can give you the serial key of the software you want to activate. But the main problem is that you cannot get those sites by searching directly with the normal keywords. Because these sites are not so much preferred that they can appear in google. So in this Google database search trick, Here is a specific search technique with which you can do that find a serial key or product key of software for free. Just follow the method below.

  1. First, open Google.
  2. Type your Software name and after it type “94FBR”
  3. (For e.g. ” Nero express 94FBR)
  4. Now you will see in the search result that you directly see your product keys, just copy it and paste it into your software text field.
  5. That’s it, you’re done, now you can find the product key of all software.