Seven-time Tetris Classic world champion dies aged 39

Jonas Neubauer, the American who won the Classic Tetris World Championship a total of seven times, has died suddenly at the age of 39. The organization of the tournament describes him as ‘the toughest boss, but with a heart of gold’.

Neubauer died according to a tweet on his account, written by the next of kin, to a ‘sudden medical emergency’. Neubauer was married but had no children. Condolences pour in from fans, the organizers of the Classic Tetris World Championship and from The Tetris Company itself.

Neubauer has won seven of the eleven editions of the championship, which has been held since 2010 and uses the NES version of Tetris. “What makes Jonas so scary and dominant is that he is somehow the most solid, fundamentally healthy player, and at the same time the most nimble and creative,” tournament organizer Adam Cornelius told VICE. His playing style has been described as ‘unique and chaotic’.

The organizers of the Classic Tetris World Championship are sharing his latest game once again as a way to remember him.