DJI Mavic 2 specifications for launch in ad to see

DJI plans to launch the Mavic 2 soon, but like many smartphone makers they have some trouble to keep the information inboard. After the above photo was already leaked via Twitteraar @OsitaLV the specifications are now also largely on the street, thanks to retailer Argos.

They had a big advertisement for the Mavic 2 which clearly shows that the drone is available in two flavors: Pro and Zoom. The difference between the two is in the camera, where the Zoom has a 2X optical zoom for close-ups in the air. The Pro has a Hasselblad camera with a 1-inch sensor, but no zoom.

No more colliding

The ‘omnidirectional obstacle sensing’ that had already passed in previous leaks appears to be present, which means that the Mavic 2 can continue to avoid obstacles on all sides of the drone. With a top speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour and just over half an hour ‘airtime’ with a full battery, it is a serious drone where you can not only play top video, but also significantly less chance to find the fastest way down via an obstacle.

The big question is: when will it be and what will it cost? The folder does not have an answer to that. There ozu actually have been a launch event in the past month, but that has been canceled for unclear reasons. If there is something wrong with the production or if there is something going to change the Mavic 2 before the launch, it would be quite some time before we see the thing going live. We can only speculate about the price: the Mavic Pro Platinum initially cost around 1200 euros, so expect the same price for this, especially if you are watching the Pro version . So wait and see, but now we know at least a bit what we can expect from DJI’s newest.