Seagate releases 14TB HDDs for consumers

Seagate has added several 3.5 “HDDs with a capacity of 14TB to its product range, including the BarraCuda Pro version for desktop PCs and two IronWolf variants, which are intended for in-line systems. 19659002] Seagate BarraCuda Pro 14TB

The Seagate BarraCuda Pro 14TB has a speed of 7200rpm and is equipped with 256MB cache.The sata-hdd achieves speeds up to 250MB / s according to the manufacturer. review of AnandTech the new HDD, like the 12TB variant, consists of eight PMR platters in a helium-filled housing.The specifications are in other respects similar to those of the 12TB variant that came out a year ago

Webshops offer the BarraCuda Pro 14TB-HDD for prices from 540 euro, the price per gigabyte is about the same as that of the 12TB version, which is currently for sale for about 458 euro.

Seagate is coming also with IronWolf and IronWolf Pro versions with a capacity of 14TB. These 3.5 “HDDs intended for in-line systems were previously available with a storage capacity of up to 12 TB. The IronWolf versions are equipped with adapted firmware for use in raid The Pro version has a five-year warranty, with the regular version The IronWolf 14TB model is in the Pricewatch for approximately 491 euro.

In addition to the consumer HDDs, Seagate introduces a 14TB HDD in the SkyHawk series that focuses on is on video surveillance and the Exos X14 for data centers.


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