Sea Of Thieves gets microtransaction store

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Rare has released The Pirate Emporium, a digital store to purchase content for Sea Of Thieves. Players can buy digital coins that allow them to purchase pets, among other things, in which different colors are possible.

The digital currency to be used for payment is called the Ancient Coin. Those coins can be bought with real money. There are several packs for sale, with numbers of 150, 550, 1000, 2550 and 4250 coins. Also, Ancient Skeletons are added to the game, which can be defeated to find Ancient Coins. So there is also a possibility to get the digital coins through gameplay.

New content is regularly added in The Pirate Emporium for players to purchase. One of the things that Rare has now added to the digital store is pets. Players can purchase a personal follower, with a choice of several colors.

The microtransaction store is part of the updates that game studio Rare has developed as part of the September update for Sea Of Thieves. A full list of the changes to Sea Of Thieves can be found in the release notes Rare has posted online.

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